Fried Oreos….don’t act like you don’t want one!

From cupcakes to Fried Oreos….what has happened to this healthy blogger?!?!?!

Ok, I must admit….I eat healthy/organic 95% of the time… lately it just seems as if the 5% has taken over a bit.  😉  The reason you may ask?!?!?

FunFest!!!!!  Basically a week long city wide block party full of food, music, hot air balloons, fireworks…and anything else that is summer and festive!  It is pretty much the highlight of my YEAR!  😉

Even better yet, all the local foods come out for a city wide taste testing for the last 4 days!  Which leads me to alot of delicious food, and the big poppa of all “festival” foods…..




These bite size heart attacks waiting to happen should ONLY be eaten once a year…if that.  😉  Lucky for me, it was that time last night.

Caught in the act!!!!  😉

These bad boys are dangerous.  Luckily, I managed to only eat one.  Thats the nice thing about Fun Fest…good times, and plenty of friends to share the BAD food with!  All about portion control, right?

What a night!

Following a night of deep fried indulgences, it was nice to wake up to a package from Attune Foods, who had sent me a cereal to review for the blog!

Let the taste test commence!!

Now is that a bowl of cereal, or what?

The verdict????  Super yummy!!!  Also, it has been about 3 hours since I ate, and I am still full!!  Always a plus in my books.  Give this cereal a try folks…it’s good times!!

Well…off to prepare for another fun filled day of FunFest.  I get to announce the winner of 8 To The 8’s tonight on STAGE in front of the entire city!!!  I cannot wait!  Life is good!



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23 responses to “Fried Oreos….don’t act like you don’t want one!

  1. The best thing about saturated fat is that it tastes SO DAMN GOOD! I’ve never actually had a deep-fried Oreo. How am I still living? I need one. Now.
    FunFest sounds … well .. .super fun! I love living in NYC but the one thing I miss about “small town” life is the huge town festivals! Street fairs in NYC just aren’t the same.

  2. Did they have deep fried butter? They have that down here 😉

  3. OMG maja oreo lovin’ going on right there! hahaha, sometimes you just gotta go for it!

    P.S. I am so happy that you are back to blogging. You were missed!

  4. Jb

    I have to say that the deep fried Oreo looks really gross!

  5. Michelle

    They really do deep fry EVERYTHING down there.

  6. deep fried goodness! fat foods are seriously calling me today… and EVERYONE is talking about them for some reason! lol (bad thoughts…)

  7. Mj

    well I think it looks tasty! hehe did you have a dinner of deep fried pizza before that oreo ;)? chip shop reference 😀

  8. Carrie Head

    The deep fried oreos were AMAZING!!!! Much better for us than deep fried butter I’m sure! LOL!

  9. Tiff

    There’s a reason you’re sitting in front of all those Port-O-Potties, right?? All that deep-fried loveliness can, *ahem*, tend to “backfire” on you!

    ❤ ya!!

  10. OMG> I saw the title and wondered if it was true. It IS. And now I am fantasizing about deep fried OREOS. I know that OREOS contain NOTHING good for us but sometimes I dream that a day will come when they make OREOS out of something good so we have excuses to have them for breakfast daily. Is this wrong? Bollocks!! 😉
    LOVE your blog so much. I smile every time I’m here.

    • Awww thank you so much!!!!! All week people have been like “What are the nutritional stats on those??” and I am like I DONT KNOW, and I DONT WANT TO KNOW!!!! hahahaha. They are the type of food that I eat, and try not to think about the repercussions.

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