Holy Babycakes!

Check out our newest gourmet cupcake shop, downtown!

she wasn’t joking about the “indulgent” part….

How in the heck was I supposed to choose?!?!

I mean come on people!!!!  It was all I could do not to take the entire tray to the table, and sample each one!  Luckily…I will have plenty of time to make my way through each and every delicious ones.  Pretty groovy having a place like this within walking distance, eh?  I can’t decide if it’s going to be really, really good….or really, really BAD!  haha

They list out all their delicious cupcakes, as well as a rotating schedules with “specials” such as Carrot Cake, and “The Elvis” which is a banana based cake, with peanut butter icing…and a dried banana to top it all off!  Can you say YUM?

Best part is, I got to sneak a birds eye view of the action!

Gotta love a blogger friendly eatery!  😉

I was able to resist, and only sampled two….the blackberry, and the chocolate mint!

It is a known fact that if I were Superman….my kryptonite would indeed be icing.  I am OBSESSED!  Needless to say, neither of these let me down in the topping department!

Cupcakes are just a vehicle for icing anyway, right???

Bottom line, this place is AMAZING!  For an every now and then treat…I can’t imagine anything better than a cupcake.  At the end of the day, we are all children at heart…and want our own personalized cakes, right????

Check out their website for more information on this delicious place!

What is your favorite sweet indulgence???



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18 responses to “Holy Babycakes!

  1. Damn, I miss gluten. What even goes into a Nutter Butter cupcake and why do I want it so much?!

  2. Did they have red velvet!? Because that would be my indulgence!

  3. Hi! I have been enjoying your blog!
    Our favorite desserts now are a tie between my new Coconut Cake and my old standby Chocolate Mousse that only has 1 Tblsp of butter for it’s dairy. The Mousse only takes 10 minutes to make in a blender. It’s hard to choose a favorite! Both recipes are available on my blog http://www.andreaskitchen.net
    Let me know if you try either one!

  4. Thankfully that place isn’t near my house! Frosting is impossibly hard to resist and most definitely has no place in my Clean Eating diet (birthday cake?). Ok, it has a little place in my diet! 🙂 And they do look delicious by the way!

  5. Oooh, those pics SO make me want to bake some cupcakes!!! They had such a beautiful variety at that shop, I don’t know how you resisted! Yum yum!

  6. That place would be my downfall. It reminds me of The Gourmet Chocolatier in my town that has a little window so you can watch when they’re in the kitchen. They make delicious chocolates and the BEST iced cocoa (think hot chocolate, but cold and icy) in the summertime. It is certainly a belt-buster. I will visit it ONE time before I move, and then maybe it’s a good thing that it’s SO far away!

  7. Soooooo jealous!! I wanted to go to Babycakes when I was in NYC last month but I had dragged my friend to one too many bakeries already 😦

  8. Michelle

    I would dive into that mint chocolate one is a heartbeat!

  9. I would KILL for that chocolate mint cupcake right now!!!!!!! Looks to die for!!!! Missed you! So glad you are back!

  10. Karen

    OMG it had to come AFTER I moved!! Darn you Cupcakery! Fried Oreos? Not appealing! Double Stuff Oreos and milk….Ahh YES! Have you tried the mint oreos. Should be Illegal. Okay this is not good for two instructors to be talking this way. 🙂 BADDDDD teachers!

  11. Ahhh, icing, my true weakness!

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