The Blogger RETURNS!!!!!!!!

BLOGGIES!!!!  It has been entirely, entiiiiiirely too long since we last spoke.

I want to firstly apologize for my brief hiatus.  Schedule wise I have never in my life been so busy.  Eight To The Eights is now officially finished, and I am back in full blogging force, so prepare for my return from the grave!!!

Speaking of Eight To The Eights, can I just briefly talk about how amazing this program has been?!  I was presented with the amazing opportunity to be the “Bob” of our cities “Biggest Loser” style program eight weeks ago, and the finale was last night!  I can’t think of a better way to finish this amazing competition than with a HUGE 8K and parade!

Then it was time for the big race!  This was the moment they had all been working so hard for.  5 miles…no stops…and the winner of the whole competition was going to be revealed LIVE in front of our entire city.  No pressure, right?

I ran it myself, although this probably goes down as the WORST race I have ever been in.  For starters, it came a torrential downpour and RUINED my iPod.  I am one of those people who cannot function without music, so needless to say…I was depressed.  Add to that the fact my shoes/socks were compleeeeeetely soaked through, and blisters started at mile 2!  Still though, it was a fun race…and I did it a minute faster than last year, in 38:30!  Not to bad considering all the bad luck beforehand!!!

Once I finished it was time to cheer on all my contestants as they crossed the finish line!

Then it was time for us to take the stage:

I cannot tell you guys how amazing it was to be up there on stage, and finally being able to give these amazing contestants all the recognition they deserved.  After we all had delivered some brief speeches, it was time to announce the winner!

Worley, from the Orange Team, won the entire competition!  He lost around 60 lbs in the eight weeks!!!!

Everyone did so amazing, and we revealed all their weight loss.  It was not only a surprise for us, but the contestants as well.  For the final two weeks of the competition, we had hidden their weight loss so that no one would know the winner!  Everyone did amazing.

I seriously feel like the proudest poppa EVER!

The group managed to lose a combined 600+ pounds in the eight weeks!

Talk about some major determination!

The ending of this program is definitely bitter sweet for me.  On the one hand, I now have WAY more time on my hands and can resume my precious blogging!  On the other hand, these people have become SUCH a part of my life, that I honestly do not know what I am going to do without them!  They have completely inspired me and changed my life for the better!

The race didn’t even start until 10:00pm, so needless to say…sleep wasnt even had until around 4:00am with all the announcing of the winners and awards ceremony/etc.  So I took advantage of the first day of MANY and slept in.  When I woke up, Cracker Barrel was considerably past due.

So with that bit of deliciousness, I am wrapping up this entry.  What an amazing ride these eight weeks have been.  Thanks to all of you loyal readers who have not given up on me!  I promise I am back, and in full force!!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!



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32 responses to “The Blogger RETURNS!!!!!!!!

  1. Karrie L

    VERY touching Tyler! Made me teary eyed! GREAT JOB to all of those that were a part of it! You guys did an amazing job..and that includes you to Tyler! I have been slacking with the gym for weeks due to school and my hubby coming home on Tuesday from a deployment. But we BOTH will be back real soon! I still have atleast 40 pounds that I would like to lose and reading this just boosts me back up again that I can do it to! 🙂 AWESOME job once again everyone!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! You’re back!!!! I’m so happy! I’ve missed your posts!

    Seriously that program is so amazing. I’m so proud of all of them and I don’t even know them. They are so lucky to have gotten to work with you!

  3. Welcome back, missed ya! And so great to hear about the eight to the eights winner, 60 pounds in 8 weeks is truly inspiring.

  4. Jae

    Congratulations! The group looks VERY noticeably slimmer. 🙂

  5. Ellen

    I was really worried that you weren’t going to blog anymore, but I’m really excited that you’re back. I love reading your entries and seeing what you eat b/c I’m doing my best to be vegetarian and its always nice to get new ideas for food. Keep blogging!!

    • I love giving fellow veggies ideas!!! Heck, thats a main reason I do what I do. I want to show that food can be healthy AND fun! I will keep blogging, as long as you keep reading. 😉

  6. Michelle

    I was just thinking about you today! Everyone looks great–I think you’ve even gotten leaner too. Am I right?

  7. Worley Head

    Just wanted to say ….. Tyler Ramey is THE MAN! He has TRULY changed the lives of not only the 18 people in the “8 To The 8’s” but so many more! I had never met Tyler before this contest started and he ended up being my BIGGEST motivator! I owe this guy MORE than I could ever pay!!! Tyler Ramey, I am forever in debt to YOU! THANK YOU for EVERYTHING that you have done and continue to do!

    • Worley, you are AWESOME!!!! Seriously, talk about some serious motivation. Not for one minute, heck…one second…did I *ever* hear you complain in this competition. You did exactly what was called for. You gave 110%, 110% of the time…and you EARNED that win. Thank you for making this awesome competition so well worth it, and for all the FUTURE winners of this competition…they have some enormous shoes to fill.

  8. You’re back! I’ve missed your crazy work schedule and meal recaps (even though I don’t comment). I’ll do better from here on out!

  9. I really missed your energetic uplifting posts! I LOVE what you do and your passion to help others, its really encouraging! This post was awesome!

  10. Very inspiring! I have about 40 pounds to lose and reading your blog is a very good motivator! If the participants in the “8 to the 8’s” can lose over 600 pounds than I can definitely lose a measly 40! Way to go on your race times and I look forward to more of your healthy posts!

  11. Ian

    Good to know you’re back to blogging! Congrats to everyone in the race & program!

  12. Congrats on finishing such an awesome program!

  13. Outstanding! We’ve loved watching the determination of the Eight to the 8s group. Your workouts were intense – totally inspiring to watch the group push through the exercises. Congratulations to them and their coach/cheerleader – YOU!

    -Monica Erskine
    Endangered Species Chocolate

  14. starts with a "C" and ends with a "Hat"

    hello there… hey who’s camera is that!!?? I love those pictures and not to mention the quality!! (older woman voice) Great post!!!

  15. It’s awesome to have your blog updates back. I missed reading them 😦 But I knew the schedule (with all the classes AND the competition) was the reason. I haven’t blogged myself in a LONG time since it seemed to take WAY too long and became a drain on me. I’m glad (and so inspired) to see your group has done so well. Seriously, reading your blog inspires me to eat healthier and to work out. I’ve been in a serious rut of not working out lately (and have not lost an ounce – haven’t gained, though – in weeks), so I need to pick it up. Glad to have you back 🙂

  16. Karen

    Glad the comp went GREAT and even more glad YOU are back. Missed my sweet Tyler!!! Steph looks smokin in that pic! Tell her I said so!

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