Is 6 Classes A Day Legal?!

Good afternoon bloggies!!!!

I have finally managed to find one brief moment in my day to sit down, collect my thoughts…and blog!

Tuesdays are probably my CRAZIEST day of the week.  I typically teach 5 classes.  (3 KidFit classes, and two Total Body HIIT classes)  Today, however, I am also subbing a Spin class right before my second TBH class…so needless to say, it’s been one of those days, and it is only 2:49!

Lets talk about happiness, which was my breakfast this morning.

Today it was a mixture of some Kashi classics.  Go Lean, and Go Lean Berry Crisp!  Toss all this with some berries and skim milk….

Breakfast is indeed served!

PS, I am currently on cloud NINE because of a late night run last night!  We did the local Crazy 8’s 8K (5 mile) course, and I did it in 36:00!!!!!  I was so happy!  Thats a full 4 minutes faster than my time last year in the official race!  I love running with runners who are faster than me, it makes me try harder to keep up.  😉

Lunch today was consumed quickly in between classes, and contained leftovers of a dinner that STARTED last night…

Made the meal go a little further by adding some fresh corn, and some zuchinni!

Gotta love fresh veggies in the summertime!

This meal is fantastic!

Another staple in my diet lately (thanks to a Veggie diet, and LOTS of weight classes…)

Gotta love the protein!  My favorite way to drink this bad boy is in a Starbucks drink!  I don’t mind their protein, but my kind is way tastier!  Plus, they never have an issue with B.Y.O.P (Bring Your Own Protein) 😉

Also, check out another summer treat that is a MUST on these hot days…

Not bad for a CAMERA phone picture, eh????

I picked up the new HTC Evo last week from Sprint, and love it!  It has so many features, and I am sure I have only scratched the surface.  Needless to say though, this will come in hand when I leave my camera at home and still need a GOOD pic!

On that note, it is time for a NAP!

I’ve got Spin and Total Body looming in my near future, and I need a spring in my step!  (which may or may not be helped along by a HUGE Starbucks on the way.)




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14 responses to “Is 6 Classes A Day Legal?!

  1. ooooh download Music Junk from the Market. It’s an app that let’s you download any song you want directly to your SD card. You can preview the whole song to!

    I have the Droid Eris and I love it!

  2. I WANT AN EVO. I just don’t have $400 right now to spend on it 😦

  3. Michelle

    I can’t believe you are doing 6 classes! But at least you are staying in shape. I have looong days of sitting at my internship and when I get home I am so physically exhausted its hard to get in the shower. So working out is so difficult.

    • I was in the SAME boat sister. When I did my student teaching 2 semesters ago, I was there from literally 7:00am to maybe 5 or 6pm! The LAST thing I wanted to do was go workout…I basically just went home, and collapsed. It was so hard mentally knowing I wouldn’t have the time to workout. It will get better though, I swear! There is light at the end of the tunnel!

  4. I haven’t seen those Alexia mixed vegetables anywhere, but they sound sooo good! Must find!

  5. Mj

    6 classes a day~? I didn’t know superman blogged! lol nice time on that run 😀

  6. I’m thinking of getting the HTC phone that AT&T carries but I wonder if I’ll regret not getting the iPhone with the iTunes convenience. You can’t get iTunes on the HTC, can you? but you can still get all the other fun apps, right?

  7. Phinetta

    Tyler…WOW!! You look great!! I haven’t seen you in forever, but I would’ve recognized that snile. Sounds like you love what you’re doing, and that’s what counts. I guess that Mother of yours is running with you?lol Tell her she should calll her old friend sometime. Take care and keep up the good job. Love Ya..Phinetta

  8. I just found your blog and think you are HILARIOUS!! And omg 6 classes? That is insane! You have to be a crazy fit instructor by now 🙂

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