48 Hours -O- Fun

Well good afternoon bloggies!!!  How are we today?!

Time for an update of two days worth of fun times and good eats.  Let me introduce you to a great friend of mine…the Tempeh Hoagie at the Mellow Mushroom.

This bad boy served as both a phenomenal dinner…..and a leftover lunch the next day.  Who knew fermented soy could taste so darn good????

Yesterday also started bright and early with a 4 mile run with Kim and Emily!  Our city is doing a race for the 4th of July called the “Red White and Boom” 4 miler!  I am super stoked, and took this time to travel the course.  Any other runners out there feel more comfortable when they actually run a route prior to the big day???  I just like knowing that the end is in sight, and where it is!

Even though it was only 8:00am…..the run still produced a sweaty mess!

Booyah!  Nothing like a good early morning sweat!

Also got to spend the entire day with Magz and her adorable nephew, Greyson!

While pondering dinner with a sleepy child in the backseat, we knew that we needed something quick…to go….and yummy.

I love all of their options here!  Went with a new creation this time…

I always fall into the category of “breakfast = all the time” so eggs for dinner is nothing to me.  In fact, I would eat breakfast food all day if I could.

The spicey sauce on this really perked me up!  Yumm-o.

During my all day even with Maggie we went to three separate grocery stores in order to buy all the stuff we needed!  Does anyone ever do that?  Grocery shopping becomes this massive event in which both snacks and meals are involved in order not to starve to death during the massive amount of time it takes to feed this Blogger Boy for the week.  Either that, or I am just too obsessed with food.  😉

Speaking of food and new items from the grocery store…check out todays breakfast…the star of which being a delicious vegan chocolate chip and coconut scone!

Complete with a multitude of fresh berries.  Reason #394785293874 of why I am obsessed with summer.  Fresh, yummy, CHEAP, fruit.


This was the perfect fuel from some lap swimming, and my Express Sculpt class!  I can NOT get my swimming stroke down.  My breathing is all whack.  I don’t know which side to breath out of, how often to come up, and how NOT to panic.  Seriously, it is probably like watching some sort of rabid squirrel in the midst of a slight brain aneurysm.  Frustrating!!!!  Any tips for this seriously deficient swimmer???

Lunch was simple, cold, and delicious.

Huge spinach salad with a small scoop of Mock Chicken Salad, and a side of some yummy spinach pesto pasta from the Earth Fare!

After lunch I had a fantabulous Tweeting (twitter meeting) with my dear friends Krystal and Cory Bolduc!  They are trying to introduce me to the wide world of Twitter, which I have…but do not use, and especially do not utilize it to full potential!!  Hopefully I will be Twitter’ing like crazy from now on…so watch out Tworld.  Ok…enough with the Twitter references.

Snack was consumed at work while blogging and planning for the rest of my classes this week:

Oh Key Lime Pie…..how I love thee:

Just what I need to survive.  Although there may be a Starbucks run shortly.  😉

Later Skaters!!!  (That phrase is completely copyrighted to Maggie.  😉 )



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15 responses to “48 Hours -O- Fun

  1. Chase

    3 things…

    1.) I, too, had the chocolate/coconut scone for breakfast this morning. Mmm mmm! So glad I bought a 3-pack when I went shopping on Friday.

    2.) I prefer the route to be surprise when I run. That way it forces me to keep running since I don’t know how far out I am or what’s next. If I know the route, I might get lazy.

    3.) I’ve been so curious about Which Wich! I’m so glad to see a picture. I really need to try this place, it looks tasty.

    • 1) YAY. So good, right?

      2) I like the surprise, but more so I like knowing WHEN it is going to be over. haha. I feel like I can mentally prepare myself more that way.

      3) ITS SO GOOD!!! You must try.

  2. I’m definitely a multi-store shopper! This weekend I did a massive grocery shop as we hadn’t bought food in 3 weeks (trying to whittle down the pantry/fridge/freezer pre-vacation) and I hit Target, Whole Foods and Costco all in one day! I have to admit I love it though…a full morning of perusing food goodies and finding new treats!

  3. Mj

    Yay fresh post~ Maggie’s nephew is soooo cute! I wish I had scouted out the route for my last race before the big day : / It ended up being all downhill! Could’ve pushed harder instead of worrying about saving energy for an uphill section lol~ apparently in central park what goes up doesn’t have to come back down 😛
    As for swimming~ I’m no expert but if you are swimming freestyle I would suggest breathing out of just one side – the side of your lead arm(eg. right handed = right side) and just taking a short breath everytime you stroke with that arm!

    • omg, can I firstly just say how jealous I am that you ran in Central Park?!?!?! Always been a dream of mine!!!

      Yea, the breathing thing seems so simple, but when I get in the water I just panic!!! Just takes practice, I suppose.

  4. LOVE KEY LIME PIE LARA!! its so great. LOVE the summer berries too- im obsessed with fruit right now. cherries? yes please! so good in cottage cheese!

  5. Lauren

    Are you doing freestyle? I’m a swim instructor, I can help 🙂

  6. I am all for breakfast for every meal! I frequently eat eggs for dinner. Hey, they’re healthy, cheap, easy, and tasty…so why not?

    I’m loving all the fresh berries you got! Summer is wonderful :). Minus the sweaty runs, even during the coolest part of the day (I’m not a fan of running in the heat!). Good luck on your race!

  7. Michelle

    I definitely go to a ton of grocery stores, usually three as well. Sometimes 4 if I go to Great Harvest for bread so I like to split things up into two days.

  8. HA! Yes, I sweat like a mofo no matter how early I wake up to run! Kellen stepped on a pile of my running stuff the other day and asked if I’d jumped in the pool after my run — sadly, no.

    • I KNOW!!!! Workout clothes on floor = instant shower. I have to wash them right away, too! Annoying…but totally worth it! Nothing like a good sweat!

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