Why I Heart My Job…

This post is dedicated to my job, and the many reasons that I pink puffy heart it.  While teaching 20+ classes a week can be somewhat traumatizing….I seriously would not have my life any other way.  I mean, I get PAID to help people get/stay healthy.  Not only does this keep me constantly accountable for role model purposes, but I get to see these people on a daily basis.  I get to share there triumphs…their set backs…and their life in general.  I think being such a social person myself, I thrive on this stuff!  Love, love, love my job.  I mean, doesnt this look fun?!?!

Look!  It’s a super blurry blog boy!  This was an “Insanity” based class that required no equipment!

Gotta love the high plank punches.  These bad boys are tough!

I love how I always look beyond possessed in these pictures.

So that, dear friends, is why I heart my job.  I am also midway through our “Biggest Loser” type program, that I have had the amazing opportunity to be the “Bob” for.   Each and every person is amazing, and they have all inspired me so much!  Together, the group has almost lost 400 lbs in 4 weeks!  Talk about a complete transformation!

Moving on….here are some delicious eats I have been munching on between classes!  😉

This local place is fantastic, and has a variety of eats.  They have a pretty face rocking veggie plate.  (Thanks to my favorite sista, Fitnessista, for the face rocking tag line.)

It doesn’t matter how many times I go to a restaurant.  Every time I get the butter, sour cream, etc on “the side” I still get the dirty looks from the waiters/waitresses.  “Oh, your one of THOOOOOOSE people” I can almost here them say,  as they scowl and serve up my veggies.

And while I was/am on the broccoli kick….here it is on another dinner.  This time with my new Tofu based faux Egg Salad from Earth Fare!  YUM!

Who knew Tofu could taste so Egg Salad-ish.  (is that a word?!?!?)

And I will wrap up with a fantastic new breakfast from Panera….and a dessert!

The new “power breakfast” sandwich usually comes with Ham, Cheese, and an Egg….but I got it no ham.

Emily remarked that I was quite hamster-like while enjoying this steaming sammies of joy.  Here lately I havent had time for our normal leisurely coffee meetings, so needless to say I had to scarf this sandwich down….”hamster” style, obviously.  You be the judge.

Now, moving on to the dessert.  Does everyone remember when I got my delicious goodies from the Protein Bakery?!

Can we just discuss how delicious the Peanut Butter Chocolate cookie was, as a pre 6:00am spin class jump start???  Whooooomg.

And that, my friends…………..is a sweet end to this post.  😉



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7 responses to “Why I Heart My Job…

  1. Tyler, when I first found your blog so many months ago I thought it was super cool how passionate you were about your job. I had noooo ideaaa that soon I would be pursuing my own certification as a physical instructor! Thank you so much for being a fabulous inspiration to me ALWAYS and for writing this post the day after I got word that I’ll be able to begin getting certified as a Pilates instructor! The reasons you love your job are all the reasons I want to go into the field…it’s amazing! You’re amazing!

  2. If only I could pay you I would hire you to be my chef and trainer and all around entertainer. …and a bit of irony.. the google ad at the end of your blog is for ‘bacconaise’…. for your burgers. cheerio!!!

  3. I totally ate at cheddars today too! That place is serious! Inexpensive and tasty!

  4. It sounds like an amazing job and I thought it was very interesting that you mentioned being a role model to others. I have a question for you. When I work out at the gym and see overweight trainers, I am kinda frustrated because it makes it seem like if trainers cant even get “fit” is there even a chance for others to get “fit” aswell?? Do you feel the same or different??

  5. Hey hampster. 🙂 I sooo envy your job!!!!

  6. Michelle

    I can’t wait to see the results of the eights to the 8’s contest! You must be a great “Bob”

  7. I’ve been keeping up with Krystal’s tweets on 8 to 8’s. Cool blog and congrats on your weightloss story. That’s amazing. I’ll add this to my blog list. My hubby and I have started our own story. A long way to go, but we’ve made a drastic lifestyle change in our eating and exercise and both lost 20 lbs so far since Feb (me starting at 195 and him at around 350). We also have been going to Adventure Bootcamp here in N Myrtle Beach that has changed our lives. It’s a pretty cool national franchise- you should check it out. Our local: http://horrycountybootcamp.com/ and the main franchise site: http://www.adventurebootcamp.com/

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