Save A Horse, Ride A…..Camel?!

Happy Weekend, my fellow bloggies/blog readers!

This weekend has been busy, yet wonderful…as always!  Started out with a fannnn-tastic Saturday full of Eight To The Eight action!  We went to a local park for a 6 mile hike to the top of a massive Fire Tower….some of the views in this place are gorgeous!

Even the deer needed a break from the sweltering heat!  Snapped this pic as she cooled herself in the shallow waters.

The race up was intense!!!!  Brian from the Black Team narrowly beat the others and claimed the prize!  He BOOKED it up the mountain!

We hung the winning medal on the base of the “Fire Tower” which is this HUGE tower that overlooks our city:

Check that bad boy out!!!!  Scary stuff!  (I don’t ever go up it, it is too rickety!)  A fellow BLOG GIRL did go up the tower!!!

Emily came with us today!!!!  😀  😀  😀

All in all, one fantastic day!  Can I also just say what a workout it is to try and JOG a trail run with massive rolling hills!  Worked those hamstrings way harder than I anticipated!  Awesome workout, though.  I can’t get enough of this park…..and being outside in general this time of year.

Once I had finally made it back down, and waiting on the teams….I snacked on one of the little cuties that were sent to me courtesy of The Protein Bakery!

This was the perfect carb replenishment I needed post-hike/jog!

Can I also just randomly mention my absolute favorite method for consuming my precious Chia Seeds?!?!

I like to water down a Crystal Light Fitness packet, and then add the Chia Seeds!  It turns into a gel’d up flavored water!  So good.  The consistency takes some getting used to, and I am pretty sure you either hate it or love it.  I happen to love it.

After a day of heat and sweat, a nice dinner was needed to wind down the Saturday!

Thai food is always an instant win.  I went with the peanut sauce over mixed veggies, with steamed brown rice.

There also may have been some Martini action involved.  Come on people, when the owner is begging you to “sample” some of his favorites….how can a blogger resist?


After a day of Thai, hiking, and hot sun…..I can’t think of a better way to ring in the summer than a free Summer Solstice yoga session in the park!  My favooooorite instructor, and all around awesome human, Wendy led a free session under the stars!  It was beyond fantastic.  It was dark, so no pictures.  I will let your imaginations run wild.  Needless to say, I will not be happy until I complete this pose…which was a complete FAIL last night!

With that awesome Saturday to a close, it was time for an equally rockin’ Sunday which included a trip to the ZOO!!!!!!!  The inner animal freak in my was as giddy as a school girl with all the animal anticipation!

(notice the murse…)

Lots of fun animal encounters!!!!

The face only a mother could love…………………….or me.

The “random nerdy tourist” photos continued….

We also did what everyone secretly wants to do on a daily basis.

Ride a CAMEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Eek!!!!  So much fun!

This bad boy needed a bath.

More zoo shenanigans:

Also picked up a new bracelet to commemorate the trip!  (It’s the blue one)

We also ate at a new to me, and super yummy Vegetarian friendly place in Knoxville, Tomato Head!

One sandwich immmmmmediately caught my eye, mostly because of all the cheesy goodness.

(I opted for fruit instead of the standard blue corn chips)

We also stopped by one of my favorite grocery store, Fresh Market, and picked up one of my FAVORITE cookies of all time.  (Heck, I am going to go ahead and throw out there that this is, indeed, my favorite cookie.)

And on THAT note, dears……..I am bidding you farewell as I sit at the Starbizzle…blogging, and updating Eight To The Eights schtuff.

Question -O- The Weekend:

What is your FAVORITE cookie.  Why?



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20 responses to “Save A Horse, Ride A…..Camel?!

  1. wendy

    i SOOO love you, Tyler! your blog makes me giggle and is also so very inspiring and hunger inducing! next Sunset Yoga at the Park is July 10th. you will totally go up in the wheel pose by then!

    • Awww Wendy thank you!!!! You are amazing. I will tell all my 8 To The 8’ers and we will ALL come for some Yoga in the outdoors. How awesome was it hearing the waves crash, and looking up at the stars?!?! Wow.

  2. Karrie L

    Hahahaha @ the title! You did have a fun weekend! All the pictures turned out amazing. WTG Brian and the rest of the teams! Of course I LOVED the picture of the elephant! I need for you to some time explain to me what Chai seeds are though, I have never heard of them. And every bit of the food you ate looked deeeeelicious!!!!! Glad you had a great time!

    • omg, I love my Chia!!! I will tell you alllllll about them. And don’t worry….the cage won’t stop me from TBH on thursday. You better be there with bells on, sister.

      • Karrie L

        Hahahaha! I PROMISE I will be there! I am nervous but excited at the same time. I still think I will be crawling out of the gym at the end of the class though. lol See you then! 🙂

      • No crawling!!!!! Unless we are doing the crab walk! Which is a distinct possibility. 😉

    • Karrie L

      Oh goodness! I am skeerd!!! I have not done a crab walk since I was a senior in high school. lol I am going to have to be an observer to because I highly doubt I know what all of the exercises are. lol I am willing to try my best and hopefully after a class or two, I will know 100% of what I am doing. lol I read your story last week at the Y and all joking aside, you truly are an inspiration to me as I am sure you are to many. See you Thursday! 😀

  3. Oh that hike must have brutal in this heat. Loved the deer pic. Zoos kind of make me sad though.

    My favorite is cookie is definitely (my own recipe) peanut butter chocolate chip. Why? You know, that whole two great tastes that taste great together thing. And they’re vegan!

  4. Michelle

    I am SO jealous you got to ride a camel!

    I don’t have a favorite cookie. I like so many different kinds! They all have something very special to offer 😉

  5. Matt

    …and now we know which hump you were on…lol (to answer Christie’s question). I went to the yoga thingy last night and no one was there. I guess I went to the wrong place or something, although there was a girl leaving with a yoga mat. My favorite cookie, chocolate hazelnut pirouette’s followed by anything with chocolate/peanut butter, followed by…well, I haven’t really met one I didn’t like…lol. 🙂

  6. This looks like such a fun day! I love elephants, my fav animal, that pic is so cute! Shame you didnt get to ride him! haha! it’s so great you and emily are friends in real life! love your blogs! xx

    • At first, they weren’t even out! It was so hot, we figured they would stay in their pens…..but the handlers had them out feeding/showering them. It was so awesome!

  7. Chia seeds in water….I’m not too sure about that! Hmmm. Glad you had fun at the zoo…..looks like a blasty! 🙂

  8. Keep trying to get into wheel pose – it feels amazing, but never as good as the first time! You’ll get it soon!

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  10. LOL. What inspired you to go to the gym??

    I’ve never seen those B&W cookies at The Fresh Market. But I’ve never looked for them, I suppose. I will now!

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