Forget Protein Shakes….I’ll Take A Blondie.

Well helllloooooooo bloggers, and more importantly, hellooooo FRIDAY!  So stoked that the weekend is finally upon us.  I feel like I just begin to get the chance to exhale come Friday.  I am up to around 20ish classes a week, and it is running me all over the place!  Love it, though.  I wish I had time to fully sit down and massively update the bloggy like I want to on a daily basis.  Teaching 6 classes a day however, does not make it very conducive to blog!  Boo!

I think once Eight To The Eights is over (Biggest Loser style program, and I am one of the “trainers”), that I will have a bit more time on my hands.  Speaking of which…check these guys out!  Here are some candid shots from one of our latest bootcamp style classes:

And of course, what is a Boot Camp without a screaming drill Sergeant?!?!?!

These guys are doing so, so awesome.  They take all my screaming, and never complain…… my face.  😉  The competition is now officially half way done, and I cannot believe how far some of the contestants have come!  To follow their journey, make sure you fan/join the “8 To The 8’s” group on Facebook!

So between teaching classes, screaming orders, and corralling kids in their workout classes….I have had to do some heavy duty eating.  😉  Tough job, right?!

Who doesnt love pancakes in a can?!?!?!  Score.  Also, had to “give peace a chance” when they stuck together in the pan!

Walnut/Chocolate Chips made for the perfect breakfast pick me up in between classes!

Fresh fruit made this breakfast complete!

I wish I could have this breakfast everyday!  SO delicious.  So filling, too!  I love those breakfasts that keep me full for hours, and not questioning what my next meal will be.  Often times either in class, or in preparation for class….the only thing that gets me through is either knowing I get a nap soon….or food.  😉

And just when you thought I couldnt get any more busy…..have I mentioned that not only will I soon be training for a Marathon, but….a friend of mine is trying to talk me into doing this bad boy:

Half Iron Man?!?!?!  Am I insane?!?!?!  Granted, I am not for sure yet…but I am actually thinking about it!  That being said…I have been trying to get some time in here recently:

Lap Swimming = DEATH!  Seriously, out of the biking, running, and swimming…the swimming is the only thing that terrifies me!  We shall see how it goes.

Also, looks what I got in the maiiiiillllllll!  (nothing makes this Blogger Boy happier than random packages full of yum!)

Protein Bakery, you say?!?

The awesome people at Protein Bakery decided to send me some delicious protein packed goodies for me to review.  Protein……dessert……where have these people been all of my life?!

The bad thing about opening this package at work was the immediate swarm of hungry co-workers.  😉  We decided to sample the blondie!

We were ALL fans.  Simple ingredients, lots of good protein, and delicious!  EPIC WIN!  Thank you, Protein Bakery.  I think this is going to be the start of a delicious and protein packed friendship.

As I draw this post to a close, I will leave you with a hilarious picture from earlier today.  I am doing all the workout KidFit classes with the Summer Camps in the area this summer through the YMCA.  Every Friday they take a field trip…and this week just happened to be Toy Story 3!  I was asked to go under one condition….I had to dress up.  I was searching online, and looking at all the new characters from the movie…when a certain purple octopus caught my eye.

I now present you….Tyler….in 6 ft purple octopus form!

Go ahead…..laugh it up, people.  😉

Have a great weekend.



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6 responses to “Forget Protein Shakes….I’ll Take A Blondie.

  1. Carrie Head

    OH MY GOSH! That is soooo funny! What couldn’t you find any purple flip flops?

  2. Michelle

    Protein in a dessert?! Send it my way!!! haha

    And love the octopus. It’s a good look for you Tyler. Maybe you should sport it more often 😉

  3. Mj

    Oh wow! I actually know Stephen from the protein bakery! He’s an awesome trainer at my gym and coordinates the whole program 🙂 Glad you liked their products!

  4. love!!!!!!!

    ahhhhh you have been so busy , you make my head spin!!!!!!!!! i love ya!!

    Love the octopus outfit!!! so sweet you did that for the kids!!! I bet they loved that, lol!!


  5. Karrie L

    Hahahahaha!!!!! I am sure the kids loved it! And I think you should add cooking classes on your agenda. 🙂 I get hungry every time I read your blog. lol And you should soooo do the Iron Man! You have conquered so much already, why not the Iron Man?? DO IT!!!! lol

  6. TYLER! 6 beautiful pix about us and countless beautiful words! Thank you. We’re overwhelmed with your timely, tasty coverage! So I say right back– where have you been all our baking lives? We have so much in common– how nice we also agree adding protein to desserts is haute! Also, I too lost a lot of weight and wanted to change my entire outlook on living healthy, for life. Fast forward to today and my solution– the Protein Bakery– is 10 years old and going strong. (Also, you and I share a wicked sense of what makes for great theater.)

    Here’s what we tweeted/fb’d when we sent you your samples– “We’re volunteering some samples to send our favorite wicked snacker in Tennessee! He wants to feature us on his blog. Thank you Tyler Ramey!”

    We’re thrilled to now update that update…with your update! And we look forward to lots more parcels headed your way. Or anywhere you like– we create amazing gift boxes. You can see those on our website as well.

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