35 Preschoolers. One Tyler. Mayhem ensues.

Today was my first day of a new KidFit rotation I picked up at a local daycare.  They had heard that I was doing workout classes with the kids through the YMCA and had asked me to come once a week!

35 Preschoolers + Me + Teaching Fitness = hilarious.  Seriously, it was like herding cats!!!!!  Super cute though.  It’s so funny how even simple things like jumping jacks become complex dance moves, when you are four years old.  Precious!

In my very rare moments of downtime, Oli has been downright adorable, and seemingly aware of the camera snapping pictures.  Look at this camera fiend!

Does it get any cuter?!?!?!  Come on, people.

Also, last nights dinner was possibly one of the most random yet delicious things I have ever thrown together!

The last of my faux chicken 7-grain tenders…with some steamed broccoli, and kicked up organic mac -n- cheese.  Doesn’t everyone put spinach in their macaroni?!?!  So good.

Best thing about this was, I had leftovers!  Who doesn’t love a meal they don’t have to plan for?  I took the rest of my spinach mac, and added half a bag of steamed broccoli, and a bit of plain Greek Yogurt for creaminess factor.  Made the perfect next day lunch.

Speaking of the next day, check out another berry inspired bowl of oats:

These were the standard chia oats, with added Almond Butter, Raspberry Jam, and fresh rasps!  Deeeeee-licious.

After another busy day of running around like a crazy man (5 classes today!!!!) it was time for some Earth Feezy for dinner with Chase!  Look, he saved an animal by eating some chocolate!

I also may or may not be finishing my night off with the following slice of pure, un-adulterated, vegan, heaven:

And on that note, I have some carrot cake to attend to.

Later taters. 😉



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6 responses to “35 Preschoolers. One Tyler. Mayhem ensues.

  1. Emily H

    Is that a Virginia Tech hat I see?

    If so, I approve. 😀 You’ll find many a VT hat in my family.

    Gosh, that carrot cake looks divine. Is it from Earth Fare?

  2. I just posted about pasta and kale together! We are on the same page. I haven’t tried spinach in my mac though – I need to give it a go!

    I want to kiss Oli on the face. I’ll kiss Maizey instead. 🙂

  3. Michelle

    I am such a fan of spinach in my macaroni. I also love adding peas and bell peppers too.

  4. Teaching preschoolers is like herding cats…..seriously, where do you get this stuff?!?! 🙂

  5. Lauraloo

    Oh that picture of Oli is SOOO cute!! I just want to kiss that cute nose!!!

    You make me smile the way you decorate your food! It’s all so artistic 🙂

    And lastly, that close up pic of the macaroni and cheese almost made me want to lick my screen! Please note that I said “almost” haha..

  6. Karrie L

    Umm you sooo can’t post pictures of that food without posting recipes as well. lol That looks good!!!! And Oli is precious!

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