Guilty Pleasures of Summer!

Can we just talk about my excitement level, as two of my very favorite shows are about to start?!?!  That would be about the ONLY tv that I ever watch…two versions of the reality show “Big Brother”!  The first of which being the one that airs in the US:

…..Annnnd the one set in the UK, which starts TONIGHT!


Both of which throw 12-16 people in a house for 4 months with NO outside interaction.  No TV, not internet, no phone…no nothing.  Just people, and lots of drama.  It is by FAR my most guilty pleasure.  Whats yours?

Lets move on to two days worth of tasty eats!

My precious Millet bread has returned!  This bread became the star ingredient in this simple, but yummy, breakfast!

Millet Toast with Almond Butter, and some YUM-azing Raspberry Jam I bought at our local farmers market.  Also had some nanas, blueberries, and a shower of cinnamon.

(this is the result of a HANGRY Blogger Boy who remembers to take a picture mid-way through the massacre that is also known as lunch.  Panera always knows how to take care of me when I need a yummy lunch on the run!)

Massive amounts of the brown stuff were needed for sanity purposes.

I think on this particular day I had 4 classes????  Caffeine was required by law.

Dinner finally provided an oppritunity to sit down and ENJOY my food!

I heart how it looks like the Olive Garden sign has been jabbed into Melissas head.

Eggplant Parmesean anyone?!?!?!

Have I mentioned how much in LURV I am with their wheat pasta?!?!  *sigh*

Massive fail occured when I boxed up half this meal, and left it on the table.  Don’t you hate when that happens?!?!  Ugh.

Summertime also means one thing, and one thing only.  Shaved ice, and massive amounts of sugar syrup.

Small Wedding Cake/Cotton Candy, anyone?!?!

Can we all PLEASE direct our attention to the bag in the bottom right hand corner of this picture?!?!  Can I just TELL you that I went straight to Walgreens to buy *3* bags of FUN BANDS!!!!  I officially have a problem.

So after falling into an 8 hour silly band induced coma….it was time for breakfast, again!  😉  Also again…the raspberry jam was the star!

Nothings better than a good ole scrambled egg!

The bread isn’t half bad either.

Also, when lunch rolled around….all I was craving was a big bowl of cold cereal.

Kashi Vanilla Fields

Kashi Go Lean



= Yum.

Can I also just point out that two days worth of many, MANY classes normally yield the following:

(notice the FunBands on the wrist?!?!) 😛

That being said…dinner was quick, and Panera style.  I decided to try out their new Mozzarella/Basil salad.

‘Twas yummy, I just wish I had the option of dressing on the side.  Apparently it comes “pre-mixed” with the dressing which means it was SWIMMING in it.  Oh well, still tasty.

I also had a hunk of delicious Whole Grain Baguette, which ended up turning into an epic dessert.

Enter….Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate, and raspberry jam.

Hello, Hannah.  That was amazing.

And then this morning, while breakfast’ing it up with Kim and Emily….I tried out a Starbucks breakfast sammie…

Egg White on Whole Grain English Muffin.  Washed that cutie down with my favorite green elixir.

And also, depression ensued as we were yet again treated to a not so kind staff, and dirty store Starbucks!  We have officially decided to boycott this location!  They are always super stingy, and never overly friendly.  I don’t ask for much when it comes to places like this…but a little common decency never hurt!  I will stick to the Starbucks close to my home.  *heart*  The lady today almost tackled me when I tried to take a picture of the sandwich in the display case.  Heaven forbid they get some free advertising.

I curse you, Johnson City Starbucks!  So there.

Moving onward….after a tasty lunch….

Mock Chicken Salad sammie, with fresh Raspberries and Blackberries…and these new, AND ADDICTING, Veggie Straws!

On that note, and a massive update later….I am heading off to an outdoor (and rainy) bootcamp class for Eight To The Eights!  They are doing amazing and have lost over 250 pounds in two weeks!  Rockstars!

See ya bloggers, have a great day!



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10 responses to “Guilty Pleasures of Summer!

  1. Chase

    My summer guilty pleasure is probably a Starbucks Green Tea frappe with one of their iced sugar cookies that looks like a lemon wedge (or lime or orange). Perfect for summer (and for a sugar rush).

  2. Christie

    Glad you got your own veggie straws! You veggie straw stealer!

  3. ahhhh I LOVE Big Brother! I thought that last season was particularly amazing and am even more excited for the new season. Hurry up July 8th!!!!! Def. best guilty pleasure everrrr!

  4. hahahah silly bandz! the kids i babysat for today had HUNDREDS–you woulda been in heaven!! I got a glow in the dark star from them- ITS SO COOL! Im glad you share my excitement 🙂

  5. Michelle

    I was reading your situation with Starbucks on Emily’s blog. I would definitely say you have good reason to!

  6. Mj

    sucks the staff at that starbucks are so heinous 😦 how is that naked smoothie? I’ve always wanted to try them but have an irrational fear of higher carb beverages xD lol! one of my guilty pleasures in summer is tanning w/o sunscreen! eep : /!

  7. I love the Green Machine juice. I’ve never had the Starbucks egg muffin. The only food I’ve had there is the oatmeal. That sucks that your visit was so shoddy. I like mine, which is good, because I think that it’s the ONLY one in town, with one on the way. Wonder how the locations will be when I get to grad school in WA – YES, I checked if there was a Starbucks on campus and off campus. There are both, thankfully. 😛

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