Weekend Round-Up!

Well, bloggies…it’s Sunday.  Which means that another wonderful weekend has quickly come and gone.  I hope everyone had a rockin’ end of the week!  Here is a recap of mine!

Saturday was spent with the amazing people from Eight To The Eights.  We had a challenge at a local high school football field, where they ran ALL the stairs, and participated in a scavenger hunt style game which led them running all over the field….again!

Check out the video!

It was awesome!

Since our normal “Jillian” was on vacation, I called up someone who I thought would be an amazing “screamer” 😉

It’s Emily!!!!!!!!

Not only did Emily and I get our scream on at the contestants, we ran some major stairs ourselves!  Killer workout!  Much needed though…check out dinner from the night before!

Sometimes, you just gotta have a big ole burger and fries.  Ok……veggie burger, but still…fries!

(before massive consumption)



Check out my “burger”

Grilled mushrooms/onions as the base, with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and green peppers on top!

Plus…can’t forget the reason for the trip…FRENCH FRIES!!!!

Disclaimer.  Should you eat like this normally or even semi-normally?!?!  No.  Is it going to make you gain 400 lbs overnight???? Nope.  Is it necessary for Tyler to partake in such feasts once in a blue moon for him to obtain sanity?!?!  Abssssssolutely.

Needless to say, we don’t mess around.


Also got to experience a FIRST this weekend!  I would say that with all my Spin classes throughout the week, I probably average well over 150+ miles a week on the bike…yet this weekend was the first time I have ever been on an actual road bike!!!!  Can you believe that?!?!  It was SO much fun, but I was so bad at it.  I need some major work on my balance!  I was death gripping the handles!  To make matters worse, Denise took me on the ride from Hades!!!!!  We had traffic to avoid, torrential downpours, and animals crossing our paths.  Looking back, I probably burned more calories over correcting my bike, then the actual 12 mile ride itself!

We got back to her house, where Sid made us one of his famous omelette’s for dinner!  I officially declared it a celebration dinner.  We were celebrating the fact that I had lived to tell the tale of the bike ride!

This man knows his eggs.  This bad boy had mushrooms, spinach, goat cheese, peppers, and some other random goodies!

Salsa made the perfect topping!

The verdict…

A blurry, yet enthusiastic, thumbs up!  Bravo, Sidney!  You are the omelet king.

Over the weekend I made a stop into a VERY dangerous bakery….

Dangerous because of the stuff I buy in this place!!!!  I am a sucker for dessert, and a big hokin’ sweet roll became this mornings breakfast -o- champs:

(complete with skim milk in my Wicked cup!)

And lunch was spent with Emily, where we met at Atlanta Bread for a delicious brunch!

Who doesn’t want a waffle for lunch?!

This bad boy was loaded with bananas, strawberries, walnuts, and chocolate chips!

And with that, I am ending a very carb/dessert filled weekend!  I have went a tad bit overboard on food this weekend!!!!  Times like this are necessary, though.  😉

Let’s hear three cheers for Monday!!!!!

Hip, Hip………..    blah.  It stinks.  😉



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14 responses to “Weekend Round-Up!

  1. You are my hero after ordering that waffle 😉

  2. Denise Hood

    I love you and our bike ride..we will do again..Sid will come next time to direct us… I am trying the vegy burgers…and yippie skippie on the waffle… I love those things

  3. Michelle

    I had breakfast for lunch today! It would be so dangerous for me to go into any of those places.

  4. holy sweet roll…uhhh mazingness right there. Way to live it up!

  5. I LOVE running stairs…but haven’t done it in years! I might have to find some to attack soon!

    Emily is lookin’ rocking these days! Check out those arms!

  6. Mj

    aww monday hater 😛 thanks for the drool fest though! the sweets and carbs all look so tasty. jealousy will ensue~

  7. Oh man now I really want fries. I’m so obsessed with this competition you’re working with, I think it’s so awesome.

  8. Sending love and support to all the colorful teams participating in the Eight to the Eights! Those are some intense workouts. Keep it up!

  9. We knew we shared more than eating healthy with you! Our Wicked obsession would give yours a cardio workout. And that would make even the loser a winner….

    We actually added balance to the diets of Idina and the cast on Broadway. So all the more reason– let’s get you that sample you need to write a so Popular review on your blog. And don’t forget to include your flavor choice. Thanks again for your interest in our bakery!

  10. that omelet looks so frickin RIDIC! 🙂

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