Reason #34,673 to love summer……


My personal Sunday favorite, Cracker Barrel, has finally renewed it’s contract with Yum…and has adapted the Fresh Fruit and Yogurt breakfast!!!!  Even better this time around, you get strawberries and blueberries…and a muffin!  (I typically opt for the Bran muffin instead of the blueberry…but nonetheless.  Happy man, this makes me.)

Leave it to the Barrel to make me even happier in the summer months!

Speaking of places making me happy….guess what salaaaaaaaad is back?!?!

This is hands down my absolute favorite salad e-v-a-h.

Can I get a yum-alejuiah????  I also got a huge whole grain bagel for major carb replenishment factor.

This was pretty much the perfect dinner last night after a day full of classes!

Spread this bad boy with Peanut Butter and saved half for later…

What are some of your favorite seasonal items?!?!



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9 responses to “Reason #34,673 to love summer……

  1. Michelle

    I’m a huge berry fan! I really want to make my own version of the salad from Panera.

  2. Jen

    My seasonal favorite isn’t actually a summer season food. It’s a fall one (I love autumn!). Pumpkin spice latte at the Starbucks. I stalk their website waiting for it to be announced and then tend to drink WAY too many of them before they get bumped for the winter treats.

  3. WATERMELON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    …clearly I’m not excited.

  4. Summer squashes! zuccini + yellow squash etc~ they’re availiable year round but the ones that start appearing in the farmer’s market are the best!

  5. Like I need ANOTHER reason to go to Cracker Barrel!!!

    My favorite seasonal items are strawberries, corn, and watermelon!!!!!!! YUMMY!!

  6. I have a foodie crush on your bagel picture. nom nom nom.

  7. the black widow

    i’ll tell you what my seasonal favorite is…….

  8. You already know that both of those are 2 of my seasonal favs 2 also…….see we were seperated at birth!! 🙂

  9. Tasha @ Skinny Banana Split

    Fresh pineapple can’t be beat!
    Btw… that strawberry salad looks soooo amazing! I’m so jealous that you have cool places like that to eat! 🙂

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