Vlog, plus tasty eats!

Well, the long weekend is gone…and a 5:00am wakeup call looms in my future!  My camera was no where to be found for the majority of the weekend, but I did record some tasty eats today!  Lunch used one of the homeade veggie burgers Kim and I whipped up on Friday…

Topped the patty with some Laughing Cow Light Swiss, and had a side of FRESH corn (the only way to eat it…straight off the cob!), some Stacys Whole Grain Pitas…and some Tabouli Salad!

And a fannnnntastic dinner, with a leftover half sandwich from “Which Wich” …….love this place!  My sammie of choice was a black bean patty, with a load of veggies and pesto!

Also broke free from my Veggie Booty chains this week, and switched up the flavor!  Sour Cream & Onion Booty this time 😉

Followed by an amazing mixture of dessert goodness.

Nothing like a bowl of choco-granola-almond-yum to end a long weekend!  Hope everyone had a good one!

PS, I am currently HATING the new Usher song “Oh My God“….anyone else with me?!

What “popular” song do you detest at the moment!?



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16 responses to “Vlog, plus tasty eats!

  1. Michelle

    I absolutely loved “OMG” when it first came out, but now it’s not doing anything for me. I LOVE “Airplanes” though!

  2. I HATE OMG, and weirdly enough it plays during this commercial for Oprah’s new “don’t text & drive campaign”. Good campaign don’t get me wrong, but who would be like “I’d really like my song to play while the girl in this ad crashes because she was texting” maybe she crashed because she the song drove her over the edge. haha.

  3. Christie

    One word “Fireflies” enough said…I actually get physically ill when the song comes on.

  4. I normally love Gaga’s beats, but I can’t stand Alejandro 😦 odds are its going to grow on me like all her other songs though

  5. I love OMG! I love Usher and everything he does though 🙂
    I love your vlogs too, but you know what they’re missing?? You saying “hey ya’ll”. Get on that.

  6. LOVE the sour cream and onion booty! Its soooooooo good! I got a bag last week!

    I am loving the vlogs you have been doing too, meant to tell you that! Miss u!!!

    I know you are always busy but just want to say I love ya! xoxo

  7. traynharder23

    i do hate that song TOO! everytime it comes on the radio i cringe. AHHHHHH.

    i do have..ahha beiber fever! baby! baby!

  8. Vickie

    I agree. I hate OMG. I also hate Rude Boy cause it’s too nasty to play in front of my impressionables.

  9. erin

    i am in love with OMG! so much so that i feel disappointed when “daddy’s home” comes on because i know they won’t play two usher songs in a row 😀 as far as dislike, even though i love JT, i have a hard time with the way he rhymes “errors” with “areas” in carry out. it drives me mad!

  10. OMG, I loved OMG! 😉
    But, it’s getting SO overplayed! Now, everytime I hear it, it seems to get slower…..and slower….. and slower! Sometimes, I feel like it’s never going to be over!

  11. LOVE the Michigan Sweatshirt! 😉

    Oh and no lie, I just finished reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and there was a Pirate’s Booty reference! Thought of you!

  12. To demonstrate how out of touch I am with popular pop, the first time I’ve ever heard OMG was when I clicked on your music video link above. I love me some Usher but I’m not digging that tune.

    Topping a veggie burger with a thick smear of Laughing Cow Swiss…sheer genius! You give me so many great little culinary ideas, Blogger Boy.

    Chocolate Goddess

  13. Karen

    I know you love some GaGa but Alejandro…..Not good! 🙂 Have you heard….. My Chick Bad? That is the WORST! lol

  14. I love that Oli spins in a circle before laying down. Maizey will spin about 10-15 times before she finds the right spot.

    I hate anything by Miley Cyrus.

    • It was a RARE occasion that it only took her one spin to plop down. 99.7% of the time it’s a 20-25 spin max. Sometimes I think she just does it for fun.

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