Veggie Burgers, 145 + Pounds Lost, Long Weekend!

Is it just me, or are people in automatic better moods once they know that the weekend is extended 24 hours???

This being Memorial Day Weekend, I can honestly say that last night I got what is probably my most amazing nights sleep evaaaaaah.  First, though….I had to make it through the day!

Started off with an early 3 mile run, and then off to the first official weigh-in for Eight To The Eights!  The group did SO amazing in their first week, and lost over 145 pounds!!!  Check out the leader board for week 1!

They were incredible.  Everyone combined lost over 145 pounds in one week!!!!!!  Also recorded their first set of video diaries.  Here is just one example from one of the teams:

You can check out all the video diaries, by checking the official FaceBook page “8 To The 8’s!”

Have I mentioned that I am absolutely on cloud 9 being able to help run this program?  Everything is going exactly as planned, and I could not have asked for a better group of contestants.  Awesome, awesome, awesome.  There does not even seem to be enough positive words to describe how doing this makes me feel.  Absolutely amazing.

After the incredible weigh-in, it was off to teach Spin (60 minutes of GaGa!) and then sip on a home made “Frappa-tyler” so that I can stop giving Starbucks $10 a day!

This bad boy had:

  • Vanilla Protein Powder
  • Chia Seeds
  • Ice
  • Almond Milk

The verdict…….move over Starbucks!  This cheap rendition did the trick!

Then…for once…it was time to have a Saturday evening OFF!  This special occasion definitely called for a celebration.  Home made veggie burgers anyone???

We got this recipe from our amazing co-worked, Terri!  With her permission, I will soon post the recipe!  Met Krucker at our local Ingles to grab the stuff!

And we got to work!

The recipe calls for an array of gorgeous veggies!

Which get combined with the main ingredient/binder….black eyed peas.

Kims cat, Sammy, decided to lounge around in the empty shopping bag!

Have I mentioned that this cat is the former fur-daughter of Emily?!?!?!

Back to the burgers….it was time to mix!

Once combined, it was time for the egg and bread crumbs.  We used Panko crumbs, which are a Japanese style bread crumb.  If you havent tried these, you need to!  They are more light and crispy than the normal ones.

Once everything was combined, it was time to patty out and cook.

What good is a new recipe without a taste test?!?  We had to make sure they were edible, right? 😉




You guys have got to make these little cuties.  I swear, I will never BUY veggie burgers again.  Best part it, they freeze wonderfully and all you have to do is reheat!  I will post the recipe asap.

After fun times with Kim, it was time to head to Jack’s for a fun dinner with friends!  This place is one of my favorites.  Totally eclectic and colorful.  Random things glued to the wall, and tables you can write on.  What more can you ask for?!?!

Oh….I know….loads of vegetarian options?!?!  Sah-weet.

I got the Veggie Wrap on Spinach, with a double order of steamed Brocc instead of the fries…

I will let the picture do the rest…

Prrrrrretty tasty.  I even had enough left to save for lunch the next day.  Score!

Upon coming home I proceeded to immediately collapse, and not wake up until early this morning.  Can I just say how wonderful it is NOT to have to set an alarm, and just wake up whenever your body decides it’s hungry???

Lucky for me, I thwarted the hunger with a big stack of “spray-cakes”!

Who needs the mess and time of normal pancakes, when you can do this:

Which quickly turns into a plate of joy.

Spray-Cakes with Almond Butter and Agave Syrup drizzle…and a huge pear!

and then a couple hours later…when the hunger arrived again, I went for yogurt and cereal.

At which point, I headed to work.  I only teach Spin 1 out of every 4 Sundays….and apparently today was my day!  Whoops!  Thankfully I was already working, and just jetted up there for an impromptu, and sweaty, class!  NEVER exercise in a cotton shirt!  Yuck!

(wherever could this picture have been taken?!?!)  😉

Well bloggies, time to clean the YMC-izzle and then head home to celebrate a Monday of nothing to do!  I know I had said I was taking two off days, but the random Spin class messed that up.  I am, however, NOT working out tomorrow!  So there.  😉

What are your big plans for the long weekend?  Or whats left of it?



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7 responses to “Veggie Burgers, 145 + Pounds Lost, Long Weekend!

  1. Michelle

    I seriously need to make your version of the frappe like now. My muscles are so sore from working out and I need my protein.
    Except I just checked and my blender is in the dishwasher, which is currently running. My patience is being tested 😉

  2. I have been wanting a good veggie burger recipe to make for so long!!! post it post it post it! 😉

    Enjoy your day of doing nothing tomorrow! WOoohoo!

  3. frappa-tyler. bahahaa youre so too much.

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