Friday, in fast forward!

Hello bloggies!  How is everyones Friday treating them??  Mine has been amazing and semi chillaxed, if you can believe it!

Started off with my usual 5am wakeup call for our Eights To The Eights Boot Camp Circuit Class!  Check out a little montage I put together:

Amazing, right?!

Their first weigh-in is tomorrow to see how much they have lost in the first week, and I cannnnnnnot wait.  I am nervous, excited, and anxious, all at the same time!  I want to see some big numbers on those scales!

After Boot Camp it was off to KidFit.  There is nothing like the ground still being wet with dew, yet STILL making the kids run.  😉  What can I say, I love my job.

Breakfast was a basic, yet deeeeeelicious bowl of Chia-Oats.  This bowl had walnuts and almond butter to finish them off:

Lets just face facts.  I am addicted to oatmeal.  Sometimes I *dream* about what kind of oatmeal I will be making the next day.  Does that make my life sad?!?!?!?!

Following this oatmeal, which was obviously laced with sleeping medication, I lapsed into a 4 hour mini sleep session.  I did not even WAKE up until 2:00pm!!!!!  What got into me?!?!?  Now, I take naps with the best of them, and love every minute of them.  But 4 hours?!?!?!?!?!?!  Sheesh.

Lunch was quite possibly one of the most random meals I have ever created.

Started off with some pre-packaged (and diced…score!) zucchini and squash.  I browned those up in a pan, and added some fresh corn from the cob.  Needing some protein, I could only find eggs.  Egg Scramble it was!

Not too shabby!

Nice piece of double fiber bread, and some strawberries later…

(topped the Eggs with some Greek Yogurt)

Pretty good for a meal thrown together out of randomness, eh?

This was followed by the last of my precious dried pineapples.

On the way to work, I created a 60 minute ALL Lady GaGa CD for Spin.  Muhahahahahaha.  Needless to say I will be using it again in my 10:30 class. 😉

Dinner was quick, and eaten at work…

Veggie Wrap on wheat, chocked full of yumminess.

And that, my friends, is a Friday in flash forward!

Looking back on my egg inspired random lunch… leads me to ask:

What is your favorite random mess of a meal that you have prepared?



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11 responses to “Friday, in fast forward!

  1. Michelle

    I would love to see big change in my body. I miss that feeling of my body changing and becoming more toned and lean. I’m at a big plateau right now, but hopefully during the summer I can *shock* my body again. K, rant done.

    I dream of oatmeal too 🙂

  2. OMG I want to come to your spin class!!!

    Basically every meal I create is a random the fridge, see what vegs i have, cook them or chop em up, toss em in a bowl with sauce or dressing, and eat. Yup. But the eggs+zucchini looks great!!

    And no I don’t think it makes your life sad to dream about oatmeal…while I’m drifting off to sleep I think up what oatmeal or smoothie concoction i’m gonna whip up the next day.

    Have a fab weekend!!

  3. Rebecca

    Sounds like a fun class. I went to one spin class and made it the whole way through..( the people in there said most people trying it for the first time didn’t stay the whole time.. I did.. but then couldn’t walk or sit much at all for three days after that.
    I need some guidance on how to get into spin class, participate… but yet.. still be able to function (walking/caring for children ) while my huge hiney gets used to those seats.. sigh.. AND slims down I should add. 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to hear all about the weigh in!! You are gonna be like a proud papa 😉

    I love throwing random crap together, that’s basically every lunch for me. haha. Your scramble looks super yum!

  5. That veggie-egg scramble sounds so good – I totally want to recreate it. I love when random combinations end up turning out amazing!

  6. izzy

    When I read that you dream about oatmeal, it made me feel SO GOOD for not being the only one!!! Haha ; ) It’s definately the best way *I* can think of to fall asleep.


    • I know right!!!! Sometimes the only thing that keeps me from eating myself to death at night is to mentally plan my breakfast. Totally normal, right?!?! 😉

  7. thrown together meals are sometimes the best. That looks pretty tasty!

  8. Your meals always look so delicious! Do you have any favorite foodie blogs that you use for inspiration/ideas?

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