Accidental Naps.

Arent they the best???  The ones where you have some time to kill, and you casually lie down thinking “I am just going to rest my eyes” (does anyone, including yourself, ever believe when that is sad?!?!) and then boom….you wake up 2 hours later.

I lurv them.

Today started with an extra early 5:45am Total Body HIIT which turned into half strength half circuit class, which I love!  Sweat was pouring!  Finished up with that and headed to the YMCA sponsored Summer Camp where I will be doing 1 hour workout classes with them everyday!  Sweet!

Today was their first day and they did amazing.  We did a circuit routine, and also added in some relay races!  Fun times!

Breakfast was a delicious waffle combination that started out with what is quickly becoming my favorite frozen waffle!

I also decided to make a mixture for the top that included half almond butter, and half agave/maple syrup!  So yummy!

I also made a little yogurt bowl with a new-to-me kind of yogurt:

…along with a new-to-me granola, and some chia seeds!  The waffles were topped with the “sauce” and then a nice nana to round things out!

After breakfast, the “accidental” nap occured…then it was off to Sahib for an Organic Indian Buffet with Magz!  Complete with Vlog cam!  😉

Check out the goodies!

And the BEST part….Chocolate FOUNTAINNNNNNNN!

Sooooo flippin’ good!

Also had time to squeeze in a trip to the Earth Feezy, where I was reunited with my BFF.

And now, if you will excuse me….I have a Biggest Loser party to attend with the rockstars from the “Eight To The Eights” program!  Check out how we have dominated the YMCA! 😉

How about that?!?!?!  Pretty sweet, huh?



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12 responses to “Accidental Naps.

  1. Michelle

    Haha love the vlog! I’m so jealous that you went to an Indian buffet. I have yet to go out for Indian food! 😦

  2. Working out with kids is too fun! I’m jealous of your summer camp 🙂

  3. I kind of had a crappy day and your vlog totally cheered me up. LOVED hearing your voice and your sexy drawl! I totally didn’t think about the fact that you’d have a southern drawl. I’m hoping to pick one up in NC. 🙂 ❤

  4. Yay for more vlogs! Love ’em! P.S. You are rocking those shades. 😀

    Wish I could come to the Biggest Loser party…I will be definitely be watching though!

  5. Lisa

    I love the vlogs!! You’re so friendly and I wanna be your friend in real life! (That’s not weird to say, right?! haha)

  6. Stacey

    You have the cutest southern accent! I don’t know why it never occurred to me that you must have an accent before!

  7. Krystal

    All I can say is I must NEVER see this “fountain o’ chocolate” in real life… I may find myself lapping up straight from the pool… (Augustus Galoop Willy Wonka) and that would be… a little embarrassing. So, thanks for not inviting me…. Your the best!
    PS. Biggest Looser party and workout= GREAT idea!

  8. I can just see you rocking out to Lady Gaga in those sunglasses after the camera was turned off…haha, I want to see next time!

    And what a great idea for the Biggest Loser party!!

  9. Chocolate fountain!! Aren’t those the most incredible things? Like…they’re a fountain…OF CHOCOLATE. It’s my dream come to life.

  10. I took an “accidental nap” yesterday that turned into accidentally sleeping from 8pm until the next morning. Oops!! YUMMMM chocolate fountain!

  11. Sarah

    Just found your blog, so glad I did! I agree with you, accidental naps are great 🙂 I’ll definitly keep reading!

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