Hello, Vlog World!

Well, I have made the jump into the “vlog” (video blog) world!  I decided that since I getting the chance to use the Flip HD Camera for Eight To The Eights, that I can finally get around to vlogging!  Plus, I can talk alot faster than I can type! 😉

Whaddya think?!?!

Moving onto a quick recap of the past two days!

Yesterday was the first challenge for our Eight To The Eights contestants, a one mile run.  It was AMAZING.  Be sure to check the Eight’s blog for all the information/pictures/videos.  The photo finish for the winning team must NOT be missed!

We took over Panera Bread last night after the race!

Pretty groovy, huh?

So that, in all its craziness, was last night.

This morning, an empty jar meant “oats in a jar” but an epic fail occured when my camera battery died.  Managed to snap a shot of the jar though.  Use your creative minds to imagine the oatmeal-gloriousness that filled this empty void:

After breakfast, and re-charging the camera battery…it was time to head to Weight Watchers!  The local chapter here contacted me and wanted me to speak to their amazing ladies participating in the program!  They were amazing.

It was such a great experience!  Sharing stories, triumphs, failures…all with health and well being as the common goal!  Awesome stuff.

There was also a class or three on todays agenda, so I was again…running around like crazy, which is just par for the course in my life!

Lunch was at the new Olive Garden they had just built.  (I know, how sad is it that we are JUST now getting an Oliva Garden)

You know I had to start with the bread of joy.

And a nice warm bowl of the veggie soup!

For the entree, I was sad to see a major lack of both healthy options, and a MAJOR lack of vegeterian options.  This is when you have to get up close and personal with the waiter…and have them make something special.  9 times out of 10 they do not mind, and will be happy to accomodate special requests.  Look what came out!

Whole wheat pasta, with steamed broccoli and asparagus…tossed in a  Venetian Apricot sauce!  YUM!

See, it pays to ask for special requests…just remember to be extra nice to your waiter/waitress.  😉

Dinner was pretty random, and was inspired by leftover “chicken” salad!

“Mock” Chicken Salad sandwich, with steamed broccoli, natural cheddar…Stacy’s Whole Grain Pita Chips, and come carrots!

And that being said…I am ready to collapse.

5:45am class….7:45am class….9:30am class…then the Eight To The Eights “Biggest Loser” finale party, ALL on the agenda tomorrow.  Most of which starts at the butt crack of dawn.

Night Bloggies!



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31 responses to “Hello, Vlog World!

  1. I love your accent, haha 😀 And Holly is a doll!

  2. Lauraloo

    Love, love, love LOVE the video blogging! You were awesome as always and I love that the doglets got to make their appearance! Not sure if I mentioned that I have 3 of my own so needless to say I love them so! I say definitely keep up the vlogging!

    p.s. just have to tell you that I’m almost done with my almond butter and I can’t wait to do the oatmeal in a jar thing! LOL! It’s the little things in life…haha….

  3. Just stop being so adorable. You and Sam both. I also didn’t realize how much I’ve missed hearing your voice!

  4. loved the vlog…and the pups..and you! I would definitely love to see more in the future!

    Hope you enjoy the craziness but also get some time in to relax!

    • I’ve got a 3 hour block of time free right now, however, I am using it to clean out my car so people will stop thinking that I LIVE in it. 😉

  5. Jessica

    you have the cutest accent! you and your dogs are adorable!

  6. I love the vlog! I want to come move to be by you so you can be my trainer! I’m in love with your personality!

  7. Keep vlogging, mostly because I need my southern accent fix!

  8. Michelle

    I love the vlog! I forgot that you would have a Southern accent. It completely made me laugh.

    But seriously, continue the vlogging. You’re really great!

  9. IIIIIIIII Die! I loved this vlog 🙂 My fav. part was at the end — “healthy and fun fo’ life!” Please keep it up!

  10. um, I love you and your accent and your vlog! I demand more!!

  11. You are just too cute! I totally forgot you would have an accent, but of course I love it. And I must say you are so natural in front of the camera!!

  12. I love, love, love the vlogging!

    I too possess a Southern accent and was thrilled beyond words to hear that my favorite blogger has one too.

    -Monica Erskine, GA girl
    Endangered Species Chocolate

  13. You sound exactly how I imagined you would sound! Although I don’t think I quite had the right accent for you in my head! That was totally fun and I love seeing your dogs live! I really want a pomeranian now!

  14. Oh I loved the video blog, so I hope you keep it up. I know it’s probably a combination of more work (adding something new to the blog) and less work (talking is SO much easier that typing) 🙂

    And it was great to see the puppers in action 🙂

    Good luck with the business lately! Have a great week 🙂

  15. I lurve it! I’m seriously going to steal Oli, like – FOR.REAL. More vlogs with dogs please 🙂

  16. erin

    oh man. just scrolled up and realized that i’m not saying anything new, but nevertheless, i shall go on.

    you are the cutest! absolutely adorable! your vlog put a smile on my face, so please keep doing them. i think you’re going to be the best “bob” ever for eight to the 8’s, and i can totally see you rockin’ a career with exercise videos- you have such a great presence. wow, i sound like a super fan! so, sign me up for your early release 😀

  17. LOVE the vlogs! Oli is just like Maizey – has to come sit on my lap! haha

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