Mexican Madness

Hello blog world!  Last night’s partaeeee with Emily, Christie, Russel, and Phil was not only much needed….but I finally got to see my long lost blogger pal!  With my crazy schedule of teaching, and her MORE than full time job….our rendezvous have been few and and far in between!

We were served a glorious Mexican inspired feast…

Check out all the grub!

Homemade salsa?!?!  Yes, please.

Strawberry Salsa?!?!?!  Come, ON people.  So good!

Emily was making all kinds of yumminess, which included:

  • Various Salsas/Dips
  • Spinach/Cheese Quesidillas
  • Sweet Potato Quesidillas (YUM)
  • Chicken/Cheese Quesidillas (for the boys.)

(The chips were all ahhhh-mazing.  Many of them of which were consumed pre-feast.  😉 )

…it’s so funny being around another blogger.

Bring on the main deal!

Check out my plate!

I tried a little of everything, minus the chicken ones!  So yummy!  I love the simple combo of avocados, chips, and sour cream.  YUM!

Dessert was of course in order, so we headed to Rita’s for a sweet treat..

I went with the original frozen custard, but the “Slenderita” variety! M&M’s somehow found their way on top.  How did that happen?!?

The funniest part of the evening is when Emily, Russel, and I went over to her sisters new apartment to check it out!  Apparently the bright RED pole in the garage was not warning enough, and Emily walked right into it.

Is it sad that I was too busy snapping pictures, to even see if she was ok?!?!

…luckily…she was ok.  🙂  I think we all laughed until we wet ourselves.

What a night!!!!  Thanks for the food, and laughs…friend!

Annnnd, we move on to Sunday!  Part of it, anyway!  Started out with the classic.

Oatmeal, Bran Muffin, and some nana!  YUM!

Well, it is off to start planning for tonight!  The Eights To The Eights contestants are participating in their first challenge, a 1 mile race!  The programs grand finale is a huge 8K in our town, followed by a live weigh in in front of the city!  This 1 mile race is going to be the beginning of an amazing 8 week adventure, I cannot wait!

Crazy, crazy, crazy!  Love it though!!!



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4 responses to “Mexican Madness

  1. The Mexican feast looks amaaaazing! I really wish that’s what I was having for dinner, haha.

  2. Michelle

    I love Mexican food nights! I love how everything is healthy, unlike the food my roommates cook when its Mexican night over here.

  3. Skank material! 🙂 That pic is a tragedy….but seriously hilarious!!!

  4. Love making quesadillas – super easy for company. I found that you can premake them and reheat in the oven. MMMM

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