What A Day.

I would say today was totally insane/hectic….but aren’t they all lately?!?!?!

Lets start with some good old oatmeal, this time with a new yummy addition from my pal Krystal!

Sunflower Seed Butter?!?!  Who knew?!  I loved the consistency right off the bat…

A serving of this was added to the normal chia-oat mix!  Complete with some Go Lean!

Once I decided I hadn’t thrown in enough random goodies, I added a scoop of protein powder…and some strawberries.  It was a very random-oatmeal kinda morning.

(how pitiful does Oli look?!?!)

Now thats a complete bowl.  😉

Today was another insane day class wise.  I had a Circuit/Interval class at 5:45am…Low Impact Total Body at 10:30am….Kidfit at 4:00pm….and Total Body HIIT at 6:00pm!

In between the first two classes, I went to one of our local elementary schools, where the Pink Team from Eight To The Eight’s was having a “pink” day in honor of Jenny and Angie being chosen for the program!


(Pink Team + their wonderful mentor, Maggie!)

How adorable is that???

After stopping by to see all the pink “love” it was time to head to my KidFit class…no time for lunch called for a quick stop by the Natural Food Mart to pick up a random mid-day meal!

Oh, Jay Robb.  How you always come through in a pinch!  This bar was stellar!

Before long, it was time for my fay-voh-right class of the week, Total Body HIIT!  We were full UP in class tonight…I think we had 30+!!!!  Best part was, we had 5 Eight To The Eight’s contestants!  Check out some of the fun…

(Team Yellow, and part of Gray!)

(Coach/Mentor Mel, leading her Yellow team to victory!  😉 )

Annnnnd, what is probably my FAVORITE move…..Baby Makers.  😉


They love them, don’t be fooled.  😉  Look at the champs from “Eight To The Eights” plus their mentors!

And finally after a lonnnng day, what better way to unwind than a nice big veggie burger for dinner???  Come on, people.

This bad boy was fantastic!  Loaded with beans, corn, peppers, and other random bits of joy.  Maggie treated us to dinner for helping her with a school project tonight.  Check out this perfect family!

Annnnd, after losing BOTH Chap*Sticks that it came with….my monkey has finally made a new BFF.

How ’bout them apples?????

Goodnight.  🙂



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3 responses to “What A Day.

  1. Michelle

    Sunflower seed butter is an absolute addiction. It pairs excellently with naners.

  2. JB

    Awww….love Mollie and Casey!

  3. LOL! I love the Monkey on Burts Bees! Classic!

    BTW, finally broke into Pirate’s Booty . . OMG! I’m addicted!

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