Downtown Life…

My town is really making an initiative on it’s downtown, which excites me!  they have even just opened a small, but awesome, organic/natural food store!  More on that in just a bit…

This morning was one of those cereal kind of mornings..

(…and some chia seeds, of course!)

Then it was time to head downtown, to check out the new Korner Copia!

This place is super nice!  Two levels.  The first level has a deli, soup bar, pastries…and a variety of groceries.  Upstairs is a little coffee area, with tons of candies, dried fruits/nuts, candies, etc.  They are still putting everything out and stocking the store…but I loved what I saw today!

Check out all the spices!

Coffee was fantastic as well.  Had a cup while there, and bought a bag of “Creme Brulee” to go:

Met my “Jillian” aka Ginny here for Eight To The Eights, so we could plan our first weeks worth of workouts for the contestants:

Look at the other goodies:

Also had some errands to run in Johnson City, so I made a trip to the Earth Feezy.  Pretty darn good day if you ask me.  Is it sad how much I enjoy shopping for food?!?!

When it came time for lunch, I had “chicken” salad on the brain…

I stretched this a bit by adding some diced red grapes….putting it on a FlatOut wrap, and served with a pear…and some okra chips.

Breakfast….Lunch….Food Shopping, down.

Spin class to go!  It’s Fridddddday!  😉



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2 responses to “Downtown Life…

  1. Cool little shop! I’ve always wanted to try mock chicken and tuna salads but they have seitan usually which I can’t tolerate :-/

  2. mmm i LOVE earthfare! i need to try that salad there!

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