IS WHAT I NEED!!!!! Seriously, as amazing and delicious as Indian food is, I may need an Indian-tervention.

Lets go back to breakfast this morning, which was consumed at the Starbizzle with Emily and Kim.  Emily is my long lost friend, who now with a full time job I never get to see anymore.  Deeeeeee-pression.  So when I do see her I make the most of it!  🙂

Soy Latte and Perfect Oatmeal.  The thing I love about Starbucks is when they randomly make the wrong thing (this happens quite a bit)….they offer it up to the customers.  I am like a trained army dog, in this art.  Before they can even utter the phrase “Who wants this….” I am standing with my hands ready to grasp WHATEVER free cup-o-joy they have, like some starving kid with an empty soup bowl.  This was the case with the latte, which prompted the story…which has now gone on for too long.

Back to the oatmeal.  Mmm

Todays agenda was semi crazy in the class teaching department.  Had a Spin class at 6:00….Circuit Class at 9:30….and Express Spin at 12:15….needless to say there was snackage involved in between.  Behold, random container of cereal/fruit/chocolate power:

…..yummy.  Kashi Go Lean….you make me happy.  That is all.

Also had more Eight To The Eight’s contestant spottings today!  Check out Emily and her awesome mentor, Christie!

Lifting weights = funny faces, so there.  😉

Lunch was a random mixture of goodies from the kitchen:

(these bad boys were the shining stars…)

Pita Chips….carrots….hummus….beanz…and an apple.  Random, yet amazingly tasty.

Between 3 classes this morning….elliptical for 20 minutes, and running 2 miles with some new running buddies….my body reminded me quickly that I had not eaten enough.  So even though lunch was gone, and dinner was near….I practically inhaled my favorite snack before leaving for Indian grub..

And at this point….it turned into an outright Indian festival.

Coconut N’aan?!?!?  Who knew?!

Gotta love when the food is set a’flame.

The friends aren’t too shabby, either.

I forgot to even get a picture of my food!  BAD blogger, BAD!!!  Needless to say mine looked like Maggies above…because we split!  😉

Krystal drug out my arch nemesis to drink after dinner…

I have never found the love for the Kombucha, I am sorry to say.

And on that note, I leave you with flaming balls of Indian dessert.  Goodnight bloggies!



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9 responses to “Indian-tervention.

  1. Michelle

    I wish the Indian that I made myself was served with fire coming out of it. I will be working on that for sure 😉

  2. Ugh, just choked on wine because of “flaming ball”.

    I need to grow up!

    (You’re gonna get some innnnnnnteresting Google searches out of that one 😉 !)

  3. jilljub310

    Ugh I am sooo the same way about kombucha, we don’t get along!

  4. Lauraloo

    Tyler…I just ADORE you and your blogs. That is all.

  5. Not a Kombucha fan? FAIL!

  6. Kombucha: 95% Organic raw tea with active enzymes, antioxidants and probiotics… which equals 100% LOVE!!!

    Please note: Due to the fermentation, this product may contain .5% alcohol

    Thats what makes this little drink a party in a bottle!
    Enjoy!! (or not and miss out) 😉

    PS: AH-Mazing restaurant with even better service and entertainment of food on fire! I am hooked! Thanks Tyler!!!

  7. Long story short, I want your life. And I have the sort of life where people tell me they love MY life. So if I want yours…yours must seem awesome. So it must BE awesome. Aka you are awesome

  8. JB

    The food was amazing! I think there is someone missing from the dinner…… haha!

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