Hello, 5am.

I am surprised how much my body has adjusted to a somewhat “normal” schedule.  By normal…I mean waking up at the crack of dawn…teaching early classes, and then having an extended nap at some point in the day!  Weird how the body deals with sleep schedules, eh?

Nothing like starting the day out with Total Body HIIT!  Also, it was pretty swanky having breakfast already done and waiting for me.  It was time last night for overnight oats!  That way those beauties could soak and plump up…and I could eat them at work right after class.

Boo-yah.  Mr. Quaker never lets me down.  Also, some delicious Trader Joe’s goodies went in…

Chocolate is ok in breakfast, no?!

Some other yums included:

  • Almond Butter
  • Kashi Go Lean
  • Almond Milk
  • Chilean Raisins
  • Chia Seeds

Stirred it all up…and prepped it for a night in the fridge.

After some much needed sleep, and a killer HIIT class…these little cuties had firmed up into deliciousness!

The oats plump up, and the best part…no cooking required.  Cold oats + hot coffee = good any day of the week.

Got to see Emily from the Purple Team working out with her mentor, Christie, this morning!  Always makes me feel good to see these teams getting started…and the competition doesn’t even officially start until this Sunday!!!

Also so Heather, of the Yellow Team…..as well as both the Green, and Pink teams!

Can I also just say that lunch today was fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn-tasmic.  Terri, my beloved co-worker, made us homemade veggie burgers!!!  I took a Flat-Out wrap, and smeared it with some Laughing Cow Light Swiss…then I put the “burger” on top….folded it up, and toasted it up on the Foreman!

Paired it with some carrots, and what is quickly becoming my favorite “chip” ever!

Check out the middle!

So.  Good.

Well bloggies, time to close down the YMCA and start planning for tomorrow!  Spin (twice) plus a Circuit Craze class to teach!  Fun Fun!

Happy Wednesday! Make it a good one!



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14 responses to “Hello, 5am.

  1. Michelle

    It is incredible how the body can adjust. Getting up at 9AM used to be SOOOOO early. It would be difficult to get out of bed. Now I can pop out of bed at 6.

  2. Chase

    Isn’t it crazy how our bodies work? I actually function better when I wake up at 5am than I did when I was waking around 7am. Of course, I force my body to be alert with coffee and weight lifting by 5:30am, but throughout the day I feel so great!
    And now I’m munching on carrots and some of that great new ranch dressing made from yogurt (instead of mayo). Nom nom nom!

  3. Heather

    I am LOVING that the teams wore YELLOW work out clothes …. i know they were just showing their LUUUUVVV for the YELLOW TEAM !!!!
    Totally teasing my fellow contestants !!! I’m so proud of us all for showin up at the Y and workin it out and it hasn’t officially started yet !!! GO US !!!!!!
    See you at the gym SOOOON !!

  4. Krystal

    So proud of all the teams and support they are getting! Green team is going big with 5am spin class… Ive got my cold oats going right now so I can keep up with them!
    This is such a defining time in the lives of so many!

  5. I had chocolate for breakfast yesterday, too!! And now I want some more!

  6. Get that veggie burger recipe from Terri and share it with this Teri. Deal? 🙂

    Stacy’s makes multigrain pita chips????

  7. Lauraloo

    Cold oats you say? I’m a little afraid of that one but I will take one for the team!! Oh and if you can share that amazing looking veggie burger recipe I would love it!

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