Annnnnnnd, collapse.

Allright.  This blogger boy is exhausted…so I am keeping it short and sweet.  Lets take a look at breakfast shall we??

Cereal + O’Soy + Chia Seeds + strawberries = one very messy looking…but amazing, bowl of breakfast.

I also met Kimmy at the Bizzle for a pick me up to fuel another insane day..

Perfect fuel for Express Sculpt, right?!?!

Today I incorporated more “Insanity” style workouts.  Let me tell you.  I flat out did one of the actual 40 minute workouts today…just to see how intense it was…

Kicked.  My.  Arse.

Kimmy and I pre-Insanity:

annnnnnd post.

Seriously, one of the toughest workouts ever!  You know it’s pretty bad/good when you feel like vomiting during the “warm up”!!!!!  Sheesh.  These are 40 minute workouts you will NEVER forget.

Two workouts down for the day, and lunch was in order.  Hit up some Indian goodness with Maggie!

They had me at “organic.”

All veggie…all yummy!  They even had dessert!

Rice Pudding, and the little mystery balls of Indian wonder.  😉

I was also so stoked to have two encounters with “Eight To The Eight’s” contestants today!  Check out Worley (part of the Orange team) and his awesome mentor, Vickie (who has lost over 100 pounds, herself!)

And Team Pink even came to my 5:30 Spin class!!!!

Are they good, or what?

Spin was particularly brutal tonight…but in a great way.  🙂  I have been working intervals hardcore, and it is making them groan…which I always know is a sign of accomplishment….right guys???  😉

Dinner was quick…easy…and delicious.  Best part was, it took 2 seconds to prepare!

Leftover Mega Veggie pizza from the Mellow Mushroom last night!  Their tempeh is out of this world amazing.

After I inhaled dinner…it was time to watch a VERY disappointing Survivor finale…and snack on some dried fruit for dessert.

This little guy + 2 or so ginormous waters were just what I needed to replenish the body from all the beatings of the day!  Never underestimate the power of H2O!

Last but not least, I leave you with a sad note.

My monkey chapstick holder has somewhere along the way lost it’s booty, and is now chapstick-less.

Don’t worry…we will all get through this…….somehow.  *sniffle*  😉

Night bloggies.



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10 responses to “Annnnnnnd, collapse.

  1. Heather

    ** sniff ** Yellow team was represented as well at the Y today – TWICE !!! I will be at spin next week and am recruiting people for THursday night’s HIIT class …… luuurve that sweat session !!!!! Will be at the Y around lunch time tomorrow … and booooo – i have blisters 😦 😦
    Get some rest friend 🙂
    ❤ you !

  2. Peggy

    I heard the insanity and thought you were going to come right through the ceiling!!!!!! ❤

  3. boy, you amaze me. over and over. your food and your energy! your blog is happiness in a website 🙂

  4. Michelle

    tempeh on pizza?! Sounds like my kinda food!

  5. I LOVE the breakfast combo you got going on! Yummy!!!!!!!!!

    Love the indian food, organic buffet, hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww you will just have to get a new lip gloss to replace it!

    Love ya!!

  6. Lauraloo

    Okay that pizza looks amazing as does the messy breakfast yogurt! I want to try the chia seeds…I’m going to look for those this weekend as well as the Insanity DVDs (loved the before and after pics haha). And lastly, sad to hear that your monkey lost his lip gloss (lol)!!

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