That best describes my life as of late….but truly…would not have it any other way!

Today was the big meeting for Eight To The Eights!!!!  More about that later.  😉

As ussssssual….my day started at the literal crack of dawn.  Actually, dawn was no where near being there….so pre-crack of dawn.  Had an awesome 5:45am Spin class.  I love how people are so enthusiastic and ready to rock and roll…even before the roosters are awake.

After teaching what has felt like a bazillion….yes, thats a word….bazillion classes this week….I had one breakfast on the brain.

Pancaaaaaaaaaaakes.  Pecan ones, at that.

Maggie was good, and got oatmeal…

And I was the reigning carb King of the morning.

Mmmm….the Barrel never lets me down.

Lets rewind just a bit to Thursday…because I have totally forgotten to include the online world on a delicious Indian Feast and a KILLER Total Body HIIT class!

Squats for the win!

…gotta love the Deadlifts!!

Also chowed down on this baby pre-class.  Wasn’t exactly crazy about this flavor.  I was expecting Oreo’s…and ended up with a chocolate/bitter taste.  Meh.

Also replenished some energy with one of my favorite recovery drinks:

Now….lets FAST forward past the bar…past the coconut water…past the class.  It was time for an Indian Feast with Magz!

This little cutie is called a Mango Lassi.  Heaveeeeeeen

This time around we got the cauliflower…and the stuffed potato:

At this point I went home and fell into an Indian food induced coma.  Good times, good times.

So now where are we….BACK to Friday…and past the pancakes.  😉  This is a tough blog to follow, and I apologize profusely. The majority of today was spent planning the Eight To The Eight’s meeting/party….but you know how I roll…there was always time for a delicious lunch.  This bad boy was a killer bowl of cereal, just what I wanted for a hot day!

  • Kashi Go Lean
  • Trader Joe’s Strawberry O’s
  • Almond Milk
  • Chia Seeds
  • Strawberries
  • Chilean Raisins

All enjoyed with some nice cold H20 courtesy of my new Nalgene I picked up today!

Speaking of Nalgene…I picked up the most amazing accessory for it today!  Do you ever go to get a big gulp of water from these puppies, and become drowned with the massive flow of liquid that jumps out?!?!  Meet this little beauty:

It’s a removable spout that lessens the flow!  How sweet is that?!?!

At this point we went into crazy panic mode….and got busy decorating the YMCA for the party!  The turnout was AMAZING.  Not only did all 18 people/teams show up, but they all brought fan clubs!  The paper was there snapping pictures and getting stories…it was all just a whirlwind…just like the title says.  😉

Stay tuned tomorrow for a full recap of the party including pics/bio’s of all the contestants!

Peace out blog world……Weekend Warrior AND Spin tomorrow morning…then work.  Whats on your Saturday agenda?



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9 responses to “Whirlwind.

  1. Michelle

    MMMmmm Indian!

    I have looked high and low for Chilean raisins and have yet to find them 😦

  2. erin

    Hiiii Tyler! First of all, I love your blog (goes without saying!). I look forward to your emboldened name on my reader every day 😀 Second of all, I love that you use fiestaware! gorgeygorgeyporgey beautiful stuff.

  3. Wow, what a crazy day. I think I’d rather be doing that HIIT class than up right now, lol. I got only a few hours of sleep because today (Saturday) is my graduation ceremony. After today, I will be a college graduate 🙂 I am excited.

    I am not, however, excited that I am up so freakin’ early today. I had the *worst* night of sleep. It makes sense, though, with the nerves and just plain odd sleeping hours I’ve kept lately.

    Anyway, congrats on all the work you’ve been doing lately. I can’t wait to read about the contestants.

  4. AHH! I love that you always have posts from the CB! Also, I stopped using a nalgene BECAUSE of the giant gulps! All I needed was that thing you got!

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