Food Exchange = MASSIVE Win.

I just got the goodies from my first ever Blogger Food Exchange!!!  As most of you know, I am completely without a Trader Joe’s anywhere near me….so I hopped on the opportunity to exchange some Earth Fare goodies with my favorite “Tom Boy”, Jessica!  Make sure to check her blog to see the Earth Fare goodies she got from me!

Moving on to the package!!!

See the little bag peeking out?!?!  So stoked!

Check out my loot!  Does Jessica know me, or what?!

We set a limit, and then the fun began!  I told her to grab whatever looked simply amazing!  Now for some specifics!

Did I make out like a bandit, or what?!?!?!  Jessica, you are the BEST!  Check out the sweet note!

This was the perfect package!  Plus, it helped me bulk up my growing supply of new groceries for the new house!  😉

I am so excited to try it all!

Ok…rushing around like a madman must now unfortunately continue.  So far today I have been working my tail off on Eight To The Eight’s stuff….taught a class, and on my way to teach two more.  Sheeeeeesh.



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8 responses to “Food Exchange = MASSIVE Win.

  1. Michelle

    That is definitely a great haul. I had no idea they made edamame crackers! I must get my hands on those.

  2. I’m glad that you like your present!

    You were right – the gourmet granola A-DICTING!!!! Also Spelt cookies – AWESOME!

    Can’t wait to break into everything else!
    Let me know when your supplies are running low 😉

  3. Ashlei

    TJ’s loot!! Awesome!!

  4. ohhh baby. the pomegranate seeds are my favorite. enjoy!

  5. Looks like a great little delivery 🙂 I love getting care packages.

  6. How did that fun blogger food exchange come about?? Such a great idea!

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