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Neapolitan FTW!

It’s Mother’s Day!  How was everyones???  Mine went swimmingly!

This morning, I had oats on the mind…so breakfast was pretty easy.

Chocolate Chia Oats.  Normal oat combination, this time with chocolate Almond Milk, and a big scoop of Almond Butter on top!

At this point I continued to organize stuff in my new heezy.  Did I mention two new additions that finally made the trip to my new casa?!?!

Look at that overbite…..presh.

And can’t forget little Sammy!

Groomer.  Tomorrow.  It HAS to happen.  He is being overtaken by fur!  Eek!

It was then time to do the family thing, and eat a nice Mother’s Day lunch!  I sampled a bit of it all.  Green Bean Casserole, Potatoes, and a mini croissant.

And we all know the best part of the meal involves sugar.  Lots of it, in this case.  Get ready for some Red Velvet lovin’

Meet my arch nemesis, icing.

Pretty sure I would give up Government secrets (assuming I had some juicy ones) for icing.  Thick….old fashioned….sugary icing.  So there.

After cake had been consumed, it was thankfully time to teach Spin….where at least a bite or two was burned off.  😉  Killer class today…thanks to all the people who came out, especially the mommas!

Tired, and completely void of groceries…I headed to Earth Fare with Maggie.  We made a quick pit stop at the Starbizzle where I tried the  Carmel Light Frapp, with a scoop of my protein powder that they gladly blended in with it!

YUM!  The Bizzle is on a new kick right now with Frappacino’s where they will make them however you want!  Any flavor, any milk, any amount of coffee.  Basically the “have it your way” version of a frozen coffe.  Yes, please.  😉  Go check ’em out.

It was then time for Earth Fare, which has adopted a new way to help stay even greener.

No more plastic bags at the Feezy, even if you wanted them!  Yay!  Paper or re-usable…or heck, a box!  😉

Got all my groceries for the week, and again….shopped wisely, and with coupons.  Check out all the goods!

Plus an awesome dinner I built at the hot bar:

Faux Chicken salad with Veggie-Naise….Wheatberry Greek Salad…..and Broccoli Salad.  Yum!

Grand total for the week….

BAM!  😉  See, it can be done!

There is also this cutie that I will more than likely tear into at any second:

Did anyone else ever open their Neapolitan Ice Cream only to find that VANILLA was the only block left?!?!  It used to infuriate me.  This time it is mine, allllll mine!  😉

Well bloggies…time for a nice evening run to help burn off some of that cake from earlier.  Have a great night!



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