Crazy. Exciting. Happy.

Those three words are currently describing my life at the moment.  Craziness teaching classes, and working like a mad man.  Exciting, working on all the Eight to The Eights stuff…speaking of which, guess who has had the AWESOME job of running around the city, and surprising the CONTESTANTS with the awesome news that they will be official teams on our program!!!

Do you think she was excited?!

The “reveals” were all done as a surprise.  The first team (Black Team) is comprised of an Elementary School Principal/Vice-Principal….they were announced over the intercom at school!  The second team (Pink Team) was announced over loudspeaker/bullhorn at the local walk-a-thon for the kids, where both the ladies teach.  The last lady is part of the Yellow team…and I surprised her at her schools Talent Show!  SO much fun.  The other teams are slowly being revealed, and will all become public next week on the programs official blog!  Pretty groovy, huh?

Finally, the last word of the post…Happy.  Being in *my* new home, closer to work and friends that I love…all makes me very, very happy.  Pretty darn good couple of weeks, and I only expect it to get better.

Now, moving onto the good stuff….the food!  😉

This mornings feast was quickly grabbed on the walk to work.

Cookie Dough for breakfast???  I think so.

Got alot of work done today, which included the addition of some killer “Insanity” workout moves to my classes.  Have you guys heard of this?!?!

Good times!!!

I also prepped for my 2 hour circuit class I am doing for some Elementary kids tomorrow.  I will be working with all grades!  So stoked!



Also had a fantastic lunch with Melissa today at our favorite Chinese location!  They have this HUGE buffet of fresh veggies that are steamed/cooked to perfection right in front of you.  YUM!

Grilled up:

After lunch, I headed to my other gym for KidFit…and then rushed back to the YMCA for Total Body HIIT.  Tonight was a KILLER, and I swear…about 85* in that gym.  We packed the house out, and sweated it out.

Tired, Exhausted, and completely Happy.  Sums up a perfect Thursday!  How was everyone elses?!



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6 responses to “Crazy. Exciting. Happy.

  1. Michelle

    That’s so cool how you surprised people!

    I was going to go to my very first spin class today, but I mixed up the times and missed it!

  2. Heather

    Sweated it out is RIGHT !!!! Holy COW !!!!! But i loved it – and i feel a great feeling of accomplishment everytime i finish one of your classes …. tired and sweaty – YES – but filled with pride !! Thank you dear friend !!!
    Booooo – i want my pic on there as the other half of the YELLOW team … 😦 darn time mix ups 😦
    I can’t wait for The 8’s to the 8’s to get going …. after talking with Terrie tonight, it is my goal to run/jog the Crazy 8’s …. and heather don’t run …. but i wanna do it … i WILL do it !!!!
    Thank you for doing what you do my friend …. i love you bunches for it !!!!
    ❤ you 🙂

    • Heather, thank YOU for being you! You light up my day when I see you! Great inspiration, and I can’t wait for your journey to start…although I think it has already!

  3. Sarah S-F

    You seem so happy – it definitely comes through in your post. Congrats on everything!!
    …long-time read, never commented before.

  4. Lauraloo

    I love this blog! There is so much good in it today and you seem SO happy and Sarah is right, it shows in everything you do. I just wish I was close enough to take your classes! I would be there every day! You’re so inspiring! Keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

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