Food, Food…and more Food!

Lets take a quick recap of the nourishment that was thrown into my system the last couple of days…starting with last night’s dinner/Eight To The Eights meeting!

Tofu Salad over application grilling, anyone?

The tofu is lightly fried, and the salad is served with an amazing house thai dressing:


After another night in my NEW HOUSE!  (yay!) I celebrated by eating breakfast (and more application grilling) at Panera…which is conveniently within walking distance as well.  😉

This breakfast had my three favorite food groups.  Carbs, Fruit, and CAFFEINE!

Destroyed that mutha with some reduced fat cream cheese:

After breakfast, it was time to head to Miller Perry where I did my student teaching last semester.  Gotta go in to check on the kiddos!  Meet one of my very favorite people in this world…my 3rd grade Mentor, Beth!

Could we have asked for a more gorgeous day????

Lunch was grabbed quickly on the way for a killer SOLO workout at home.  Check out the new placemat/plates. (Tuesday is my only day I don’t teach any group exercise classes)

The YMC-izzle loves me, and always gives me extra food items from meetings/special events:

Veggie/Hummus overload anyone?!?!

Veggie Booty + Stacy’s Pitas + Hummus = joy.  Thank you.

In sticking with the “Food” theme of this post…lets flash forward to dinner!

Almond Butter, Granola, Banana, and Jelly sandwich.  COME ONE PEOPLE!!!  😉

MORE veggie booty (aka crack) rounded it out, as well as a big pear.

And snacked on what is quickly becoming my favorite bar:


Time to leave work, and walk home.  Ammmmmaaaaaaaazing.  😉

Night bloggies……lets take hump day head on, shall we?  Nothing like 6am spin.  Speaking of spin…check out my latest post, Spin 101. (right below!)



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4 responses to “Food, Food…and more Food!

  1. Lauraloo

    You sound so happy and I’m happy for you!! I so heart reading your blogs – so inspiring!!

  2. Michelle

    I love how coffee has its own food group 🙂

  3. My stomach started grumbling after looking at all of those deliciousness! Yums!

  4. Caffeine is one of the tiles on my food pyramid too 🙂

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