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Starbucks For Breakfast?

Yes, please.

When in a new home, and completely without groceries…there is nothing like a Starbucks within walking distance, and their perfect oatmeal.

Met Kim for an oatmeal, and a venti coffee as we caught up on her trip to Florida, and talked about the applicants for Eight To The Eights.  Did I mention that I OVERSLEPT this morning and missed my KidYoga class?!?!?  Ugh.  Massive, masssssssive fail.  Great way to welcome myself to my new home, eh?

After Starbucks, it was time to start prepping for “Express Sculpt” which is a 30 minute workout that targets all main muscle groups, working in Upper/Lower body segments to rest the other group(s).

Today was:

  • Chest Press with heavy** bar/Chest Flies to exhaustion
  • Squats with heavy** bar/Side Lunge Squats
  • Bicep Curls with medium** bar/Bicep band pulses to exhaustion
  • Inner/Outer thigh band extensions on bench
  • Clean & Press, with a scarecrow/lateral raise combo (Shoulders)
  • Abs (Around The World Crunches, Rope Climb Crunch)

Clean & Press Example (minus the row she adds):

After class I met my dad/brother for lunch at a local mexican place:

Mexican places like these can make it very easy to over-indulge.  Luckily, even the “worst” of places can have healthy options…you just have to look!

Check out this beast!

Went heavy on the veggies…..light on the rice/beans, and gave the tortillas to my brother. 😉

Yum!  See, Mexican food………I can still lurv you.  You just don’t have to leave me feeling miserable and bloated like you have the capacity to.  Although between all the veggie goodness and two huge 32 oz waters…I am still pretty much in misery.  Ah well.  What better solution than two more classes?!?!  Running class with the High Schoolers and then heading right to Monday night Spin!  Holla!

Speaking of spin….I am currently obsessed with this jam:

I need to put it on my new CD that I am working on, stat.

Also speaking of which, I have gotten several emails asking for a spin playlist…as soon as I make my new CD (tomorrow), I will make sure to post all the tunes!  😉

Monday is almost over world…….lets rock it out.



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