Update Overload!

Hello Blogworld!  I have been running around like a proverbial grass-fed free range chicken with his head cut off the past 2 days!  Prepping for the interviews tomorrow for Eight To The Eights has been INSANE, but so much fun.  We have had an overwhelming response, and I wish we could take each and every team that applied.

Rewinding to yesterday…..I now present you, a day in the life of Oli (the boxer pup):

Pretty exhausting, eh?  😉

Sam manages to be a bit more elusive, but always shows up when there is food involved:

Speaking of sweet potato fries, that brings me to my fabulous lunch from yesterday!  Tried a new Gardenburger this time around…

So I took a wrap, sprinkled some cheese, sprouts, spinach, and the chopped “burger” on top…

Layers -o- joy!

This is where the sweet potato fries came into play (beautifully!)

After lunch/email/blog stalking 😉 It was time to prep for my KidFit class, and Total Body HIIT.

KidFit was hilarious as always.  They love doing sprint relays, and love even more when I time them to see if they can improve their times.  We basically ran the whole 45 minutes…..score!

Total Body HIIT was a sweat SESSION.  I don’t know if the gym was hotter than normal or what, but by the first working song (squats) I had sweat dripping from my elbows!  TMI, but totally needed to get the mental  image going, huh?  After class was over I ran down to the Chop House to meet with the team to go over the applications for Eight To The Eights.  Had a random, but lovely, dinner…which included a massive salad:

(see, there was totally work going on in between bites….we had a MASSIVE stack of applications to review!)

There was also my second round of sweet potato lovin’ of the day:

Do you see that massive dollop of cinnamon butter love?!?!  I tried to pick it off, but it was too delcious.  😉

Good food, good friends, good times!!!  Plus, we got alot of work done for the program!

After dinner I had a much needed movie date with Maggie.  Can I just confess my love for our little local movie theatre???  This is not the main one in the mall, but one located near it.  It is small, quaint, and adorable.  The ticket prices are super low ($5.50 a movie!!!) and the staff are so nice.  We got there a little late for the movie, but just for the fun of it, they put us in our OWN theatre….and started it over.  How amazing is that?!?!  They also may or may not have GIVEN us a tub of popcorn the size of a small bathtub.  That bad boy went undocumented, I’m afraid.  Use your imagination to picture the devouring of corn that commenced.

I hit the hay the instant my head hit the pillow, and awoke a short 5 hours later for 5:45am spin!  Did I mention that I picked up two more 5:45am classes at the YMCA which means I now teach an early class EVERY weekday.  What am I thinking?!?!?! I will be doing a Total Body HIIT on Tuesday mornings, and an Interval Circuit class on Thursdays until one of our instructors comes back from maternity leave.

After Spin, major carb replenishment was needed, and what better place to serve that then the Barrel!  Started with a gallon or so of the good stuff:

Then moved on to more delicious options….aka pecan pancakes!!!

See that giant BLOB of butter in the background?!?!  I was able to fend it off, unlike the cinnamon butter love on the sweet potato from earlier.  Topped with da best syrup evah!


After breakfast, I worked on calling applicants for Eight To The Eights, and scheduling interviews.  We will be having 10 minute blocks to interview each team/individual, and I get to be on the judging panel!  We had to turn alot of applicants down right away just because we do not have time to interview them all.  Sad day.  It breaks my heart, and I wish we could take EVERY person.  *sigh*

I now sit here at Panizzle, blogging, eating, and relaxing…before work calls my name again at 4:30.

Their veggie sandwich is thebomb.com!

Later bloggies.  Have an AWESOME Friday!  Did I mention that in a mere 24 hours I will be heading to Knoxvegas to see KATHY GRIFFIN LIVE?!?!?!  Eeeeeeek!!!!  🙂



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17 responses to “Update Overload!

  1. Lauraloo

    I am in love with Oli. What a cutie!

  2. I want your dog.
    Good thing I live in New York so I can’t steal!

    have fun at kathy griffin!! putting u on my google reading NOW

    • awwww thanks girl!!!! My friend Steph and I talk about how much we love you all the time! You are real, funny, and super sweet!!! Thanks for the comment!!!

  4. WHEW! that’s quite the bloggy update 🙂 i gotta say, you really overwork your sweet boxer…i mean really, what’s a dog gotta do to get some rest?! 🙂

  5. OMG I am going to eat Oli up! I love that smooshy face, I just want to kiss it!

    In the first picture, is he laying on a pool cover? I’m OCD, that picture is scaring me! :X

    • yes, she lays on the pool cover. It is like a warm bed…..and she goes to the VERY middle where I cannot reach her. Hence, when I want her to come inside, it is a 30 minute ordeal. Why OCD?!?! hahaha

  6. Michelle

    That’s so cool that they put you in your own theater! I’m so entirely jealous!

  7. Gardenburgers are delicious. I have to check to see what flavors are still gluten-free, though, since I hear they changed them.
    Kathy Griffin = hysterical

  8. those pictures of Oli make me want to go home and get back in bed with Maizey. She was SO cuddly this morning. 🙂

    • Oli has been a cuddle monster lately, too! Not only does she want to be completely UNDER the covers, but directly against my body at all times. haha

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