Spin Two-A-Days

Hello bloggies!!!  How has everyone’s day been so far?  Today was another crazy-induced day that started out with a 6:00am spin class across town.  Class was great this morning, and I have to admit….I have fallen into the love trap known as Kesha.  Finally found a song of hers that I like.

Anyone else diggin’ on this?!

When I got back from Spin, all I was craving was a big cold bowl of cereal.  Normally I would do Almond Milk but for some reason today my body was saying milk.  Who knows.

After a nice cold breakfast, I was able to squeeze some quality nap time with the puppers.  Highly recommended if you ever get the chance.

Before Express Spin @ 12:15pm I snacked on a quick waffle:

Spread some Almond Butter and Polaner Peach Jam on that beauty for the perfect pre-workout fuel!


Express Spin was great!  We had a small group, but kicked it into overdrive!!!  I really pushed the standing sprint today, and they did awesome!  While at spin, Matt was nice enough to give me a piece of some homemade deliciousness cake of wonder.  🙂  However, by the time I had practically demolished it, the only picture I was able to snap did not do the cake justice:

Mmmmmm.  The rest was gone about 2.5 seconds after the picture was taken.  Fruity, moist, YUM!  Thanks Matt!!!  You Da Best!

When I got home from my second Spin -o- the day, I got started on a simple wrap from lunch.  I think I am on a slight tempeh kick lately!  Can’t get enough of the stuff!

Browned up the diced strips in a pan…

Then I combined with a wrap…Monterrey jack cheese, and some yummy clover sprouts.

You know some Veggie Booty had to be involved.  😉

That tempeh rocked my world!  Way better than the coconut flavor, fo sho.

Can we just talk about for a second how completely and udderly random my dinner was tonight for work?!?!

Dry Kashi cereal, and a nana.  I was just not in the mood for anything else.  I may be pregnant. Stay tuned. 😉

Also snacked on one of my top 3 favorite bars of all time!

Chiiiiaaaaaaahhh!!!!!  (Said like “STELLA” from Rocky)

Well, off to close the YMC-izzle down for another night….plan tomorrow’s HIIT class, and work on stuff for KidFit.  There are also a bazillion and a half letters/envelopes to stuff and seal here for work.



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7 responses to “Spin Two-A-Days

  1. Always better with booty!!!!!!!! yum veggie booty!!!

    Loving the dinner, lol, pregnant!!! u crack me up!!!

    Oh those bars are the bomb! Just so dang expensive!!!

    love ya!!!!!!!

  2. Michelle

    I had the absolute best tempeh tonight and I’m officially addicted 🙂

  3. I keep seeing the veggie Pirate’s Booty and ALMOST buy it because I always see it on here, but then give in to something I’ve already tried. Should I go for the purchase?

  4. Have you tried the NY Pizza booty? So good!

  5. Sounds like a good day of eats to me. Everyday doesnt need to be “perfect” and include tons of fruits and veggies. This was just your “special” eats day. Also, quick question… do you change the music for your classes everyday??

  6. Ashlei

    I knew you’d give in to Kesha and tempeh eventually 😉

  7. Prego?! Maybe with a food baby! Ha!

    Cereal for dinner is the greatest – no doubt about that! 😀

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