Steel Cut Oat Chia Cakes

What happens when you have a weeks worth of Steel Cut Oats made, and a blogger boy with a little too much time/mad scientist in him???

You make oatmeal cakes!!!  😉

I simply used the refrigerated Steel Cut Oats I had made in the Crock Pot recently, and fried those babies up, pancake style!

Odd looking, yes.  Delicious, most certainly.  Plated them up like I would any other pancake:

Melted Almond Butter drizzle, and some Brown Sugar!  Nice Pink Lady Apple rounded it out nicely!

It was a little odd eating my oatmeal in pancake form…..but pretty darn tasty!  I obviously hated it all:

I think the plate says it all, don’t you?

Believe it or not, that was lunch.

Lets rewind to a normal (or, normal for me I suppose) breakfast this morning.  Kashi combo parfait!

This bad mama jama had Kashi Strawberry Fields, and Kashi Go Lean Crunch, layered with my favorite Chobani Pomegranate…and a sliced nana.


After breakfast I started prepping dinner for tonight at work.  Was inspired by Emily’s pasta combination, so I made something similar!

Started off by browning up some Boca crumbles….and boiling the pasta:

Then I got the sauce ready!

Once the pasta had boiled, I combined with the sauce…and added a ton of fresh spinach:

This will be the perfect meal tonight while I slave away at the YMCA.  😉

Also, today for the first time in probably weeks I am doing absolutely nothing to workout!  I always preach to people about how important rest days are to your body, especially when your workouts are intense.  The body needs time to relax, rebuild, and renew…just like our souls, and I don’t practice what I preach often enough.  Tuesdays are my only day of the week where I am not teaching a gazillion classes, or running.  I had planned on running this morning with Kim and Emily, but considering I slept through both alarms…I listened to my body, and am taking it easy today!

Also, this blog has been majorly devout of any Pup-dates….so let the cuteness begin now.


………….annnnnd closer.

bwahahahahahaha.  She cracks me up.  Sam wanted in on the action, too!

Well, off to meet Kim for some Starbucks before work.  Have a great day bloggers!

Whats the most random/unusual thing you have ever created to eat?



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14 responses to “Steel Cut Oat Chia Cakes

  1. this is so funny…love the closer shots of the puppers 🙂 i think the weirdest thing i’ve tried to make are different flavors of cookies…like margarita cookies… 😉

  2. Those puppy pictures are so cute! The most unusual, and I will have to say desperate thing I made was fried rice . . with bacon . . .what can I say, I DID not go grocery shopping and paid the price!

  3. Lauraloo

    Wow…all your food looked (and always looks) amazing! Love your pupdates haha…so cute. I had a question about your oatmeal pancakes…what did you use to bind them or did they just bind themselves? They look so yummy, I can’t wait to try them! And congrats on taking a day off! After reading your blogs for awhile I didn’t think you EVER did that! The day isn’t over yet though…be strong! Take the whole day 🙂 🙂

    • I had them in the fridge so they were cold enough to just fry up on their own! I bet you could bind them if needed with some extra oats and/or some whole wheat flour??

  4. My goodness your puppies are the most adorable things ever! The pancakes look fantastic too… and that plate is kind of super ultra adorable as well!

    Oh, and it appears I haven’t ventured too far into making with the “weirdness” yet but according to my family, making a green monster is the strangest thing to ever exist ever. I always get the “Why is it greeeeeeen?!?!?!” line. Hahahaha 🙂

    • The plate is from Targizzle….$1.99!!! I also got one with a monkey face because thats how I roll. 😉

      I get the “OMG IT’S GREEEEEEEN!” line as well, don’t feel bad.

  5. Michelle

    I LOVE rest days. It seems like most bloggers only take one rest day a week, but my body needs at least two. My body just has days where it is dragging along and needs a rest.

    • I say if you feel it, take it! There are some days when I need a rest day but literally cannot because I have to teach classes. Trust me though, the body is normally right about them!

  6. hehehehe. i loved the pupdate. Speaking of pups, I should go check on mine. I have a feeling she is destroying something right now.

  7. LOVE me some Pink Lady apples. They’re almost like candy!

    Did you get the Yum plate at Target? Too cute. I bought four of the new Mickey Mouse plates and bowls I found in the same area. Love them.

  8. The close-ups of the pup is crackin’ me up!! Glad I could inspire dinner. Oatmeal pancakes?!?! GENIOUS!! 😀

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