“Birthday Shh”

Tonight I gave in to one of my most fundamental and dangerous cravings.  BIRTHDAY CAKE!

My amazing dad had a birthday today…and I couldn’t resist picking up a cake.  Did I mention that old fashioned, lard based icing, with white spongy cake, is like……my ARCH nemesis.  I love it, so.

If you’re going to have cake, it NEEDS to be a corner piece.  😉  Happy Birthday dad, you rock!  As a present, I signed him up for a local 5k in a couple of weeks!  It’s going to be so much fun having him there!

Rewinding a bit, lets go back to 5am land this morning.  (which seems like 4 years ago)

My mirror is mucho-disgustingo.  I need to work on that.  And don’t be hatin’ on my lobster pajamas.  You know you heart them.

Another busy day included:

  • 6:00am BodyPump
  • 12:15pm Express Sculpt
  • 4:30pm KidFit High School
  • 5:30pm Spin

I also conquered 30 minutes on the AMT while chatting it up with Christie somewhere in there.

Met Emily at 6am where BodyPump kicked my toosh.  This routine is amaaaaaazingly tough.  I love it alot.  The bicep segment is I-N-S-A-N-E and finishes off with a 1 minute band burnout.  OUCH.

Once I completely exhausted my muscles this morning, I was welcomed with a nice surprise.  Steel Cut Oats that had been cooking in the crockpot all night!

Last night I just combined 1 cup of Steel Cut Oats, 5 Cups Almond Milk, and 8 TBSP Chia Seeds.  It’s a pretty sweet deal having all your oats ready to go for the week.

Todays batch was simple and yummy.  Big bowl of oats topped with Almond Butter drizzle, and some Chilean Flame Raisins:

Pretty darn fantasmic.

Speaking of fantasmic, Express Sculpt was equally as joyous today.  Gotta love jumping bench squats….clean and presses, and skull crushers for an awesome 30 minute weight workout.  “Tripeps” are SO much fun to work, right Kimmy?!?!?!  😉

Fantasmic for the third time came into play when I went to one of my favorite locals for lunch, Cranberries!

The “souper salad” allows you to start with a bed of romaine lettuce, and then top it with three pre-made various salads.  So delicious!

Cranberry Rice, Potato, and Oriental = WIN!  Although the potato was a bit mayo’ish.

This place rocks!

The raspberry tea is pretty much bangin’

And on that note, this completely random post draws to a close.


How do you strength train? Do you follow a routine, and if so…what groups do you work, and how many days a week???  Do you take any strength classes?



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22 responses to ““Birthday Shh”

  1. oh my gah your food looks AMAZING!!!!!!
    you got me wanting birthday cake!! and my workout schedule-i do online training and i do weights 3 times a week!

    • Oh thank you!!!!!!

      I try to do weights 3 days a week as well, sometimes with teaching weight classes it gets messed up! I used to love the days of getting up super early…hitting the gym….and just doing random things with free weights for a couple of hours! Nothing better! ❤

  2. Oh no way, gotta go for the middle piece! Mmm looks delicious!!

  3. I LOVE your lobster pants! haha I want some! Is that weird? Mens pj’s are much more comfortable anyways. I used to do strength training every other day, but lately I have been doing it once or twice a week and have started incorporating more yoga.

    • Totally not weird to want lobster pants! 🙂 I got mine at Kohl’s for like $5.00 or something extremely cheap like that. YAY for cheap and comfy sleep clothes!

  4. Penny

    “Did I mention that old fashioned, lard based icing, with white spongy cake, is like……my ARCH nemesis. I love it, so.”
    “If you’re going to have cake, it NEEDS to be a corner piece.”

    After reading that, I’m exploring the possibility that we may be soulmates.


  5. Natalie

    Happy b-day to Tyler dad 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday to your dad!!!!!!!!!

    I love cake and the corner pieces are the best where you get more frosting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could just eat the frosting!! I love it!!!!

    Love ya!!! xoxo

  7. your lobster PJs are HAWT.

    I’ve tried to make steel cut oats in a crock pot and it didn’t work. What’s your secret??

    Since I’m not teaching strength training anymore, I’ve kind of been slacking off, but I’m trying to get in one BodyPump class a week and then a quick weights session for my upper body after teaching spin on Friday mornings.

  8. Mmm sometimes store bought cake is better than a fancy bakery cake, ya dig??
    Icing…mmmmmmmm drool

  9. Hey gorgeous guy!

    I love you to death. Really. I feel like we’re secretly meant to be best friends. Wish I could take your spin class!

    Would you mind giving the details on Body Pump? I’m looking for a way to vary up my strength training routine and would love to exhuast my muscles like you did!


    • Forget secretly!!!! BFF for life! 😉

      Body Pump is a 50 minute, pre-designed class in which all muscle groups are worked to complete fatigue/exhaustion. For example, we may start out with an entire song (4:30 minutes or so) of nothing but chest exercises. This could be chest press with the bar….flies with dumbbells, push ups, etc. Point is, it is HIGH reps with medium weights as opposed to a set of 8-12 reps with a high weight. This method allows muscles to be worked for longer periods of time, while at the same time working to complete exhaustion.

      Too bad you aren’t near East TN! You could come to my Total Body HIIT class on Thursday nights and I could show youuuuu!!! We have so much fun!

  10. krucker

    You had to bring the “Tripeps” into the blog world!!!! Thanks friend =)

  11. I agree on the cake. I love birthdays (especially mine!) because of the cake, and I will eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until it’s gone.

  12. Ashlei

    Loooooove the Rocky Horror Picture Show shirt! 🙂

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