Tempeh’ting Sunday

Happy Sunday my little bloggers!  How has the weekend treated you?!?!  All good on my end.  What happens when you oversleep (score) and miss the 10am oatmeal cut off time at Cracker Barrel????

You OBVIOUSLY get pecan pancakes. 😉

I need to oversleep more often, obviously.

Epic fail involved when I forgot my camera at home for the day!!  After breakfast I headed to the YMCA and taught Spin.  Major sweat session.  This CD is sweat gold…I need to mark it as especially hard for future reference!  Right after spin I rushed to my other gym for the running program.  ABSOLUTELY loving it.  I am depressed there are only two more weeks left until the big race!  My group is fannnnn-tastic.  Todays weather was also super conducive to some awesome running:

After running, Hank and Natalie totally twisted my arm into going to the Mellow Mushroom.  😉  Took alot of convincing, let me tell ya.

Normally I got for the pizza, but today the tempeh hoagie caught my eye.  What is tempeh??  Ask, and yee shall receive.  Again…no camera, but yay for cell phone picture!

This bad boy was fantastic!  Company was awesome as well!  Natalie brought her new dog, meet Martini!


After lunch I met up with Christie for a much needed Starbizzle date.  Stuck with the decaff, because 6:00am BodyPump is calling me name! 😉

Earth Feezy was up next, I was in desperate need of groceries.

All the cool kids put their grocery loot in boxes.  Especially the cool ones who ALWAYS forget their re-usable bags.  D’oh!

Totally used all my coupons, and got all my weeks worth -o- schtuff for…….$47.06!

You can always shop semi-cheap and organic!  Healthy AND Fun.  Get it?!?!  😉

Have a great Sunday bloggers.  I am getting ready to make a weeks worth of Steel Cut oats in the crock pot, thanks to a suggestion from a dear friend!  Can’t wait to see how they turn out!



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15 responses to “Tempeh’ting Sunday

  1. I can’t wait to see how they turn out either!! If I didn’t have 200 pancakes leftover from this morning, I’ld give them a try this week too. 🙂

  2. Ashlei

    I see you’ve hopped on the tempeh bandwagon. Welcome! 🙂

    Mmm pecan pancakes….yeah…oversleep more!

  3. Sarah Adkisson

    Loving the new spin CD! Especially the Phantom of the Opera remix, haha! When she hits the REALLY high note during our climb, I imagine that’s probably the sound you would hear if our poor worn out legs could talk!

    • aww thanks Sarah!!!! Yea, I think our legs are feeling about like the lady when she belts that note out! You are such a rock star. How much weight have you lost? You are looking so good, sister! Thanks for coming to all my classes. Drag Rachel to Friday morning!

  4. Michelle

    under $50?!? thats fantastic!

    • I take alot of flack from people because I try to buy mainly organic, and they are instantly questioning me, wondering if I spend 2/300 dollars a pop at Earth Fare…wanted to prove it could be done relatively cheap! 😉

  5. PANCAKES! You make me proud 😉

  6. Matt

    Have the insane crowds died down yet at Mellow Mushroom yet? I’ve wanted to try it, but I wouldn’t wait an hour or two for a table. Pecan pancakes should be illegal at the Crack Barn…I lurve them! 😀

  7. All that loot for less than 50 bucks? Dang, I need to learn some shopping tips!

  8. JB

    Haven’t tried Tempeh yet. I’m actually a little apprehensive about trying it. I’m surprised Cracker Barrell has an oatmeal cutoff but those pancakes looked gooood! And I’m way jealous you got all that food for under $50. I need to make a Earth Fare stop this evening after work! Gotta buy some more Pirate’s Booty. My nephews love the cheese flavor!

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