Back To Normal!

Sickness = defeated.

I refused to be sick anymore.  😉  Feeling tons better, thanks for all the well wishes!  I think it was just allergy related….and with a little…..ok….a TON of sleep, I am back to normal!

Sorry for the lack of update yesterday.  I really just need a good ole fashioned re-charge type of day.  Came home from spin and immediately started working on breakfast, only so I could eat…and crawl back in bed. 😉  Finally tackled this beast:

I have been putting these off because I never seem to have time to wait for the *30* minutes they require to cook.  Teri blogged about them recently, and I decided that it was the day to give them a go!

Got the Almond Milk heated while I prepped the oats. Check these bad boys out!

While they cooked (foh-evah), I watched my TIVO’d Survivor.  This season is ABSOLUTELY insane.  Tonight’s Tribal Council was the wildest I have ever seen in all the seasons!  CRAZY!  Anyone out there watch Survivor anymore, or am I the lone one?!

After 30 minutes….the oats/almond milk had turned into this:

(See all my little Chia guys floating around in there?!?  Check out more about these seeds of wonder, here.  They are a great addition to oatmeal, smoothies, and cereal!)

Went simple with these guys, and topped with a big dollop of Almond Butter.

I am digging these!!!  Totally nutty, and super creamy!  Definitely won’t have time to make them everyday, but the days I do…I am going to take full advantage of it!  Yum!

Literally after breakfast/Survivor….I collapsed into a 6 hour mini sleep session.  Exactly what I needed, because I woke up without the crud/sore throat/annoying cough!  Thank you body, for making it a quick and semi painless sick time.

When I woke up from my comatose state…Kim had text and wanted to go to Body Pump and Zumba at our other gym.  Hearrrrrrt Body Pump, so that was a no brainer.  Zumba on the other hand had always intrigued me…just never made it to one.  Feeling refreshed and ready to roll…I agreed to both!

Check out this cheese fest to get a somewhat reasonable idea on what Body Pump consists of:

Headed to meet Kimmy for some Iron Pumpin’, Latin Dancin’ good time!

Check out those slanted risers in the background.  They make things fun!

This round of Body Pump is KILLER!  Our gym rotates it’s routines every three months, and this one was particularly grueling.  Awesome music though.

Soon it was time for Zumba.  I had NO idea what to expect.  For starters it was packed to the BRIM!  We could barely move.  And trust me when I say that in this class….moving was a MUST!  I had a blast!!!!  She combined latin-inspired moves with plyometric jumps, all to counts of music…which luckily came in handy for me.  As an instructor I think I have music counts embedded in my brain.

Zumba will most certainly become a new class in my line-up!  (whenever I can fit it in!) 😉

After Zumba, Kimmy had to leave…but my favorites Russell and Emily came walking in.  How could I leave those two???  😉

Don’t you love how a “rest” day turned out to include Spin, Body Pump, Zumba, and a 4 miler with Emily?!?!

Even though we are both semi-injured (knee issues) we were able to do the 4 miler relatively pain free.  We took it slow, jogged outside…and chatted the entire way.  It was nice.  I miss Emily SO much during the week.  Darn her full time job.  I am trying to think of someway to steal her away throughout the week.  Any thoughts?

Right before the run I managed to inhale a new flavor of Clif:

Apricots = Yum.  Clif Bars = Yum.  Apricot Clif Bars….not so much.  The bar was just too “fruity”.  Not my fav.

What better way to counteract that then a delicious dinner with friends?!

Normally at this place, “Mega Veggie” is my go-to pizza.  This time, however, another pie caught my eye.  “Hot Potato Pizza” anyone?!?!




I literally had to immediately box up half of this beast so I didn’t eat the entire thing.  It was THAT good.  I subbed the bacon, and got tofu instead.  YUMMY!

Dearest Mellow Mushroom,

Thank you for allowing me to experience potato on a pizza.  I heart you.


What better to follow up potato pizza than some Italian Ice?!?!

Ice Custard Happiness is right!

I got the “Gelati” which is ice on the bottom, and custard on top.  Kids size with PEEP (you heard me right) ice/S’more Ice, and chocolate custard.  Get the drool rags out.

Take a second.

Imagine a Peep.

Now imagine a S’more.

NOW imagine them together…in ice form…TOPPED with chocolate custard.


How bout them apples?!?!

Well….it was an interesting end to the week.  I was sick…recovered…Zumba’d (thought about my girl, Gina, the entire time!), had potato pizza…and an amazing dessert.  Good Friday in my books.

Saturday includes teaching Weekend Warrior…Spin…and then working the front desk until 6:00.  Joy.  😉

How is everyones weekend?!?!  What are your experiences with Zumba?  Did you pink puffy heart it as much as I did/do?



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22 responses to “Back To Normal!

  1. Michelle

    I definitely pink puffy heart zumba! I’m taking a class right now and really look forward to it 🙂 I even do it in my room to youtube videos.

  2. I TOTALLY agree on the Apricot Clif Bars- I can’t see that being good. Thanks, for sparing my tastebuds!

  3. A great thing to do with steel cut oats is to make a few servings at a time and then keep them in the fridge. Then in the morning you can just heat it up! I usually have to thin them out with some milk after heating, but they taste great! I actually think I’m going to post about it soon.

    I’ve only gone to Zumba once and I absolutely loved it! I wish there was somewhere I could go here (and for free, please!). I’ve been loving your blog by the way :).

  4. Just came across your blog =)

    I finally got a chance to take a Zumba class this week….loved it, SO fun!

    Glad you confirmed my reservations on the fruity Clif bars…I always go for the PB/ Choc ones–fruity ones make me a lil’ nerv!

    The pizza has my mouth watering right about now, thanks 😉

  5. I want me some mellow mushroom! Mmmm! Glad you are feeling better. I’ve got the whole sore throat/fever thang going on right now. Not much fun, let me tell ya!

  6. Considering I don’t lik dried hampster babies (i.e. apricots for normal people that don’t know our terminology) I can’t imagine a dried hampster baby clif would be any good either….eek!!! Umm we look like totally piggies last night….pizza AND custard, geez. Please figure out a way to steal me from my job!!! And last, but not least, I wanna take Zumba too!!! 🙂


    • bwahahahahaha. I love our terminology, sister act.

      I want you to take Zumba!!! Oh so fun! Body Pump Monday morning??!?! “HOW YA FEELIN EMILY?!?!?!?!?!” Only it will be alot better, because I will be beside you in misery. 😀

  7. I wish my gym had a body pump class…from googling there only seem to be 3 gyms in all of NYC that offer it 😦

    Also, didn’t realize that Rita’s had made it to the south. I thought it was a Philadelphia and surrounding area sort of thing. Whenever I mention Rita’s and water ice to New Yorkers they have no idea what I am referring to!

    • It’s heaven!!! And although there may not be a full fledged Body Pump class offered, I’m sure any gym with Group Fitness will have a similar weight class! Check it out!

  8. Ashlei

    It’s about time you bust into those steel cut oats! You only got them with me forever and a day ago!! So so glad you’re feeling better!! 😀 I miss youuuuuu!!! Sahib soon? Or Earthfare trip?? We still need to go frolick around and buy stuff we probably don’t need but want!


  9. Isn’t Survivor crazy!? I felt bad for JT because he worked up this plan but man oh man you must never trust a villainnn. I still like Russell though, he makes me laugh. You should watch the Ponderosa episodes with JT, they’re HILARIOUS!

    • Survivor is NUTS this season. Alas, I love it. I have decided that everyone is so stupid, that I am officially rooting for Russell/Parvati because at least they are playing the game smart. I think with Sandra though…she will totally swing over next week and one of Russell/Parvati will be knocked out. Although stranger things have happened!!!

  10. Karen

    YAY so glad you are back in the saddle again! Tell Kim she looks smokin and also where the heck is the Mellow Mushroom? Is that new in JC?

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