French Breakfast…ala Bob!

Good morning blog world….how is everyone?

Technically it is not morning time, but Sundays are my ONLY lazy-ish day of the week so I tend to embrace the “morning” feeling all day long.  Stay in those comfy clothes…..sip some great coffee….whatever you need to do to get ya in the mood.

Normally Sunday morning breakfast is a pre-planned trip to the Barrel, aka Cracker Barrel….however, today we went with something a bit different…

The Bob!!!

I was very impressed with their “healthy” options, even for breakfast!  Crepe anyone?!?!

I ended up picking off all the toppings from the crepe, and putting it in the oatmeal.

I must admit, in the Bob VS. Barrel throw-down……Bob came out victorious today!!!

There was also plenty of the brown stuff to keep me awake:

Delicious!  Has anyone eaten at Bob Evvans??  What do you think?


Rewinding a bit to last night…when I got off work, it was time to meet Emily, Russel, Christie, and Phil for dinner at a small little place downtown…

This place was super nice, but was majorly lacking on the veggie options.

It was the typical sports bar-esque place….so I had to poke around the menu a while to find something that wasn’t covered/contained/sprinkled with meat.

They did have SWEET POTATO FRIESSSSSSSS...which makes me happy, and almost forgave them for the lack of vegetarian fare.  Ended up with the fries, and a house salad.

The salad was actually really impressive, with lots of veggie representatives.  😉

And the fries, as always, never dissapoint.

Someone may have helped me eat them.

After dinner, we hit up Starbizzle for a little coffee lurv.

Where Emily proceeded to use my laptop as a portable boom box.

Did I mention how GINORMOUS my laptop is.  *sigh*  I love it, but good grief.

Also, I finally broke down and purchased a gift card to the Starbizz.  After months of illegally using Kim’s login/password to get online while in the store…I decided it was time I bought one of my own.  Bonus….it is a key chain!!!  Why do I feel like the $20.00 I put on that will be gone in the literal blink of an eye?

If you don’t have a registered card, you need to get one asap.  You get free refills (score)….free schtuff on your birthday (score’er)…….free drink after every fifteen (score’er’er)……annnnd free wi-fi (scorest.)

Oh mini vanilla scone, how I love you.


Well, off to enjoy the rest of Sunday.  Running program to coach @ 3:30….dinner with Heather…and then I am introducing my friend Patrick to the movie “28 Days Later” which is the best zombie movie EVAH!!!

Tomorrow is literally going to be insane.  I am teaching Spin twice….subbing a Sculpt class, teaching my KidFit class (once to High Schoolers…once to Elementary), AND going on the local news to talk about Eight To The Eight’s.

NERVOUS WRECK.  I have neverrrrrr been on the news, I hope I don’t freeze up and start drooling or something.



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12 responses to “French Breakfast…ala Bob!

  1. Those fries look orgasmic.

    And, I want Bob Evans…now. 😀

  2. Diane

    Those fries look DELISH! Restaurants that aren’t veg-friendly are kind of a bummer though.

    Okay, I’m such a dork but I have a Starbucks card and had no idea about all of those benefits!! I only have $5 on it because I needed internet once. Can I spend that $5 and still be able to use it? I have no idea how to use this card, hahaha.

  3. Michelle

    I used to always eat those vanilla scones 🙂

    Your schedule has picked up so much! Is it always going to be so busy?

  4. Wow, sounds like you have a packed day tomorrow…good luck!! I’ve never tried Bob Evans’, but I’m glad to know they have healthy options. I never would have guessed! And sweet potato fries absolutely make up for a lack of veggie options, every time 🙂

  5. I don’t know how you afford to eat out as much as you do! My family used to go to Bob Evans practically every Friday night. One of my mom’s best friends was a server there, so we’d request her table and give her hell for an hour 🙂 I haven’t been there in YEARS though — I remember those awesome breakfast choices though!

  6. I look like a total dork-weed in that picture!! 🙂

  7. Eating so many of my favorites foods, sweet potato fries and scones! I need to stop reading your blog when I’m hungry, my mouth is literally watering 😉

    Good luck on TV tomorrow, I’m sure you’ll do great!

  8. Good luck!! I’m sure you will rock it. 😀

  9. Bob Evans. I want to go to there.

    Good luck on the news!!!

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