Calm before the Storm.

Yay for Sunday!!!!  I don’t think I have had this much free time in recent history.

The Running Program was today!  I love being a coach!  My team is doing sooooo amazingly well, and I love seeing them improve week after week.  I played Paparazi this week and brought the camera along for the ride:

(nice little warm-up in the gym)

It was the perfect weather for a fun little 3 miler!

They told me I should take pictured of me “barking orders at them”.  Verrrry funny guys, I encourage…..and screaming just gets thrown in there for extra motivation.  😉

After the run, I headed to my home away from home, the Feezy!

Healthy/Organic/Natural grocery shopping gets quite alot of flak for being overpriced or expensive.  Besides the fact that it is well worth the extra money spend to know that your food is pesticide, preservative, additive free…….you can still shop cheap!  That being said, look who had a new coupon book out!

Arrrrrrr matey!  Thar be a mountain o’ booty!  (lame joke, I know and accept.)

Annnnnd, instant buggy full of loot.

After an always cheery trip to the Feezy, I headed to an equally delicious dinner spot with my pal Heather!

They have the most amazing salad bar ever.

Salad Monstrosity…….x2!

Once this was devoured….round two approached:

Best part about Jason’s is that you get free FroYo for dessert!  Annnnd dark chocolate syrup.  It’s pretty much a Tyler-paradise.

I do love the fact that my other gym is within eye distance of Jason’s Deli and *almost* the Earth Feezy:

Ok… to bed.  Tomorrow is absolutely and positively going to be insane.  Quick glance:

  • 7:45am KidFit Yoga
  • 8:15am Spin
  • 9:20 RIPPED (Weight Class)
  • 12:00 Local News!!!!  (eeeeek!)
  • 4:30pm KidFit Cardio
  • 5:30pm Spin#2
  • 6:45pm Yoga (for my own sanity, although this might get bumped if I am too exhausted)

Shhhhhheeeeeew.  Bring it on, Monday!!!!



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23 responses to “Calm before the Storm.

  1. wow, that’s quite the monday! and the news? you’re totally going to be famous (well, more famous :)) and i hope you post the clip!

  2. Wow. That’s AWESOME–the NEWS????!!!! Woo hoo for you!!!! 😀

    That salad looks SO good, and the dessert too. YUM!!!!

  3. The next time I am at the store I need to pick up some of that Pirate stuff! Sounds AMAZING!

  4. Good luck on your day tomorrow! I have a lighter Monday than normal as far as classes go, but the amount of work to be done is double.

    And thanks for the part about Jason’s Deli. My city is the #1 fattest city and I am always trying to think of healthy places to go out to eat (though we’re cutting down on eating out).

  5. Michelle

    Wow! What a busy day that you have tomorrow! Just an excuse to eat even more delicious food.

  6. Good luck with your day tomorrow! I always forget to breathe on my busy day- I highly recommend it- it helps!

  7. Holy crap! I don’t see how you do all of that in one day. I would die! You are one strong man, Tyler, one strong man! 😀

    Oh, today I went to Bob Evans…yummm. My wish was fulfilled. 🙂

  8. Salad bar with free froyo? Best setup ever. Good luck with your crazy day today!!

  9. Not going to lie, coupon books make my day. I am a crazy coupon lady and proud of it 😀 Looks like you got some great goodies at EarthFare. I wish we had them near us, they look fantastic!

    • they are so much fun!!!!! I am entirely proud of my coupon loving skills. Why wouldnt people want to save money?!?! Earth Fare is good times, thats fo sho.

  10. Wow, enjoy your busy day and good luck on the news!! Work it 😉

  11. Tyler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CONGRATS to being on the news!! I wish I could watch that!!!!!!

    Love Pirates Booty!!!! I love the veggie!! Sour Cream and Onion rocks too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U know Im addicted to it like you are!!!

    Loving the goods you got!!

    Love ya and miss ya!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

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