Healthy Kid’s Day!

Sorry for the lack of update.  It has been craziness here at the YMC-izzle gearing up for Healthy Kids Day 2010.  This is a day set aside by all local YMCA’s to promote healthy kids in the community by partnering with local business’ and volunteers. It was nuts!

Fun times!  PS, got this view/angle from our spin room upstairs.  Sweet!  Speaking of spin, I had to teach twice today back to back!  Needless to say any food I see has been eaten, including free BOOTY that we got for Healthy Kids Day!

We still have a couple of boxes full of these gems poking around.  Something tells me that by the end of my shift today, that might be a different story.  😉  Also took advantage of some other free and yummy eats:

Oh Em Gee.  That Lifewater was awesome!  I need to track some of that stuff down, soon!

Between running/teaching/working like a mad man, I was able to chomp down on the classic Panera salad and baguette-beast:

Spin class(es) was great today!  I decided to go “old school” and use a CD from a year ago today.  It is always nice to mix things up and do an old mix of songs.  This one in particular was a fun oldie that I had completely forgotten about:


After Spin I did two short KidFit classes with the Healthy Kids Day kiddos…they were ahhhhhh-dorable.  I did a cardio circuit class for the first round, and then a “weight” class in which they used our Senior Adult 2 pound weights for biceps and shoulders.  SO CUTE!

Well, off to finish work.  Normal blogging resumes now, I promise!  Craziness is almost over.  😉

Have an awesometastic weekend, please!



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6 responses to “Healthy Kid’s Day!

  1. I love it! I will have to use that song for my spin class. They will love it, I’m sure! That is so cute with the kids. That is so awesome how you are teaching kids to be healthy at such a young age. That is when it should start!

  2. Heather

    Lifewater is ahhhhmazing – can’t believe u haven’t tried the 0 cal kind !!!! Lots of fruity tuttie flahvaaaas !!! See u tomorrow evening !! Heart you – mean it !!!

  3. Michelle

    I’m such a sucker for free stuff. Looks like a fun day though, I would kill to be in one of your spin classes 🙂

  4. Sounds like a crazy day! Having a healthy kids days sounds like a great idea. We need more places doing that!

  5. Aw, I love what a kick you get out of the kids 🙂 They are super cute 🙂

  6. Seeing kids play just makes me soooo happy!! There are basketball courts in my apartment complex and since it’s been warm after school it’s always filled with kids, I love it!

    Glad you had such a nice day 🙂

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