“Sometimes I feel like I live in Grand Central Sta-SHAN!”

…..tonight I’m not takin’ no calls, cause I’ll be dancin.”

Melissa and I got our groove on and learned the first 24 counts of the Lady Gaga Telephone dance!!!!  So much fun, and a killer workout!

The empty Yoga studio at the YMC-izzle made the perfect dance factory.  😉  We even wrote instructions on the mirror!

It was so much fun!!!  I love to dance, although tonight I found out just how hard it is to watch/memorize a complex routine.  We are no where near being done…but we are making progress.  🙂

Had an awesome Total Body HIIT class tonight, and killed it.  I am particularly digging the P90x-inspired push up.  The class seems to groan alot during that segment..which I take as a good thing.  Yes, I know…I am sick and twisted.

After class but prior to the GaGa-ness…Melissa and I went to Mcalister’s Deli for a quick dinner.  Their veggie menu left *alot* to be desired…but it was suitable.  Probably won’t be heading back though.

I went with the Basil Parmesan and asked if I could add some extra veggies.  I was informed that I couldn’t.  What?????  They clearly have other vegetables that go on their sandwiches, but I wasn’t in the mood to be difficult.  Sigh.

This bad boy was pretty tasty, but was majorly lacking in the veggie department.  The almost burnt cheese goodness almost made up for it, though.  😉

Plus, you can’t beat eating outdoors.  Check out the sunset!

Rewinding back slightly…I completely forgot about the delicious lunch I gorged on earlier.  Cut me some slack, I have been up since 4:30am. 😉

I was in a waffle sort of mood, so I grabbed my favorites and began working on the “sauce” which was some red berries mixed with Polaner Jam…

Darn you, blurriness.

After the berries and jam had melted together, I topped the waffles with the mixture…and then added some melted Dark Chocolate Almond Spread.


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Waffles.

Comeeeeee ON!  Like…..words can’t describe!  Easy, simple, delicious.  Must try this, guys!

Other random eats today included a new bar that I chowed down on pre-Total Body HIIT:

Good, but not as life changing as I had expected.  The flavor was awesome, but it was a bit chewy.  I wanted the elusive Cookie Dough flavor, but they were out.

On that note, I close this very random post.

Goodnight bloggies.  PS, call the Blog-Police…because I just totally inhaled an undocumented piece of Angel Food Cake.



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20 responses to ““Sometimes I feel like I live in Grand Central Sta-SHAN!”

  1. heather

    I survived HIIT and will be back …. WOW – ain’t nuthin like that class to show me just HOW out of shape i am … but i loved it …. sweat city !!!!! But as you say – “BE PROUD OF THAT SWEAT” !!!!
    Starting my day chattin with you definately made for a great day – excellent choices today !!!!
    Thanks for being you and doing what you do !! xo

  2. Michelle

    Yesterday during Zumba I was totally lovin the sweating 🙂

    Ummm and that waffle?! Could you mail that to me by any chance 😉

  3. Matt

    Angel Food=fat free=healthy…keep telling yourself that. HIIT was fun tonight, thanks. 🙂

    ps. why isn’t this dance class open to everyone…lol.

  4. I have a protein cookie dough bar…I am awaiting the day to try it. I hope it’s good. 🙂

    Dancing is so much fun! Once you get that dance down-pat, make a video and show us!

  5. Amy (Up and Running!)

    I tried both the cookie dough and chocolate PB luna bars but I didn’t like the cookie dough one 😦 Sad, I know…it had all kinds of the fake “protein bar” taste going on. I did like the chocolate PB one though!
    I love angel food cake…particularly covered with cool whip…mmmm…

  6. Lol no extra veggies? RIDICULOUS.

  7. I have also noticed that McAlister’s didn’t have the best veggie options. I mean, I’m not vegetarian so I ended up with an okay meal, but it’d be nice to add veggies if you want them. That speaks to their desire to have happy customers. But….sigh….I get it. I haven’t been back to mine either.

    I am SO going to be hitting up the Panera in my hometown when I go back this summer. You and Emily make it look SO good. I have to try it.

  8. Ashlei

    Please post the video of you and Melissa dancing the Gaga dance! I will love you even more ❤

  9. I can’t believe you are memorizing that dance. I ❤ you and your awesomeness.

    I want those waffles. now. please and thank you.

    I put up a new spin playlist this morning! Hope you like it!!

  10. Have you ever tried zumba?! You’d have so much fun!
    How are you so GD creative?! I wish I could think of fun food ideas.

  11. Lauraloo

    Your cereal looked amazing! I’m on my way to the store now to stock up and that will surely be on my list! The cookie dough “fake protein taste” makes me sad…I was so looking forward to trying that one. Thanks for your bloggie goodness 🙂

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