Anyone else having an insane week???

With both my normal classes, and the classes I am subbing, I will be teaching a whopping 17 classes this week.

I will be spinning/lifting/running my booty off

Add all those to working Member Service/Fitness Staff at the YMC-izzle, and I am running around like a chicken with his proverbial head cut off.  Yikes!  Love it though.  How is everyone elses week shaping up???

Rewinding wayyyyy back to last night’s dinner….Mellow Mushhhhhroooom

I adore any place with an outdoor eating option:

Split the Mega Veggie with Magz.  This baby is loaded with veggie goodness

We were a bunch of ravenous animals:

It was pretty decent.  😉

This morning I re-united with the man of my dreams.

Mr. Quaker….I have missed thee!

The normal Chia Oat standbywith walnuts, and my new favorite raisin variety…Chilean!!!

Creamy yum.

Also polished off breakfast with a mug of Fresh Market coffee (thanks, Emily!)


At this point, I taught my first spin class of the day and worked up a schweaaaty mess.  After class I decided to get my booty outdoors for a nice walk.  I feel like in the spring/summer/hotness that if you have *any* free time…it needs to be spent outdoors.  Point blank, period.

Plus a yah-mazing view.

When I got home I decided to tackle this beast, which I had been putting off because of laziness.

If you sign up for the Email list through the Earth Feezy you get tons of awesome stuff and down right freebies!  This whole pineapple was fuh-ree with a $5.00 purchase!  I hacked it up:

And also whipped up a lunch…Veggie Burger, Laughing Cow Light Swiss, Carrots, Brocc, and Pirate Booty (Veggie aka CRACK!)

Also counter balanced the fresh pineapple with the dried kind. 😉

Then it was time for work, and random subbed Spin class #2 of the day!  Sheesh.  I am beat.

I cured the sleepiness by feeding my gut with a leftover slice of Mellow goodness, and some steamed Broccoli with Nutritional Yeast.

Jessica Bruner was full of awesomeness today, and sent Maggie some home made Cherry Almond Granola for me!  Score!

It was demolished alongside some un-documented pineapple (fresh, this time)

And I officially take back the “un-documented” part…you can totally see it in the background.  😉

Well…off to close down the YMC-izzle, and head home to SLEEP.

Two spin classes tomorrow…the first of which being at 6:00am.  *insert coma*

Have a great night guys!

What is your favorite thing to do outdoors when the weather is perfection?!



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19 responses to “Craaaaaziness.

  1. Do they have black light spin classes? Cuz that’s what that first pic looks like, and that would be awesome! I would feel like I was back at the skating rink, haha.

    And I need a mellow mushroom by me! I had my first experience last weekend in Atlanta, and its AWESOME.

  2. Running 🙂 It has gotta be outside!

  3. Amy (Up and Running!)

    I’m jealous that your job is to exercise! Def. very cool.

  4. 17 classes???? I just quit one of my gyms because I was feeling overwhelmed with 5 classes!

    I’m craving fresh pineapple now.

    Beautiful weather…I love taking my pup for a run! Or running with friends. 🙂

    • My boxer is LAZY. She will literally walk about 5 minutes…then LAY in the road and force me to carry her. She usually stays at home, and sleeps outside on the pool deck while I walk/run! 😉

  5. Michelle

    17 classes?! You are a BEAST Tyler!

    I love laying out on the grass and catching a cat nap. Or walking around the neighborhood with a friend 🙂

  6. Don't Fight the Apple, Eve

    You are definitely a trooper. Hope your not overdoing it. Its been a challenge to get me to come inside since the weather has improved. Bringing my dog to the park to run, lounge, walk, is my fave. Love outdoor eating too 😉

  7. The first half of my week has been crazy too! It must be that time of the month!

    My favorite thing to do outside is go for long walks to the ice cream place! That or throw a football around. I actually had to teach my fiancee how to throw a spiral!

  8. Ashlei

    Mmm I love me some free pineapple goodness!
    Is that a Bondi Band you’re wearing?
    I want to go to your spin class! They’re seriously the best 🙂


    P.S. Answer my text dang-it! ;P

  9. I love love loveee laying out with some Jack Johnson playing in my headphones, or taking a nice walk with my doggy when the weather is perfection! Can’t wait to see her cute face in just a month!!

    Um dried fruit has become my latest obsession. I just had a handful of dried apricots (with dark chocolate) and am in love. Dried pineapple and mangoes are my all time fave though!

    But eek! Can you eat raw broccoli…plain?! I gotta have it dipped in hummus or steamed, always 🙂

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