Catch Up!!!

Call the blog police, I have fallin’ behind and not blogged in almost 24 hours.  I know, I know…everyone just calm down.  I am sure you were all glued to your computer waiting right?!?!  😉

Munched on an amazing mix of goodies in between teaching Spin class, and coaching my running program:

Puffins, CHILEAN RAISINS (whoa-my-gah…delicious), and Dried Pineapple

Great fuel to run with!  My little runners are doing SO great, they all improved their time on the 5K route…some by 6-7 minutes!  So awesome.  I actually managed to remember my Garmin this time around, and by the time I had run the route back and forth encouraging/SCREAMING, I had ran 8 miles!  Craziness!  So much fun though.

After the program ended, I headed to bulk food paradise, aka Sam’s Club with Maggie and Rossy!

Gotta love massive amounts of bulk goodness.

“Giant” is right…these berries are the size of a small infant!

Plus, where else can you buy fresh fruit/veggies AND a Hot Tub?!?!


We were killing time before meeting our friend Brittani for dinner, so we went to the obvious.

Move over, Vanna.  Maggie is taking your job.  Look at that technique!!!

Once we stalked each aisle in the Earth Feezy, it was time for some dinnah!

Jack’s is a little local place that has just about everything/anything.  They have steaks and burgers….veggie options…mexican…killer desserts….pretty much all you could want!

Plus, you get to embrace your inner child (I try to daily) and write on the tables!  Sah-weet!

Writing on the table + $3.00 Sangrias = Greeeeeat times.

We also scored some *free* Chips/Salsa/Guac goodness from our amazing waitress!  Check these bad boys out:

I always order the same thing here.  It is delicious, filling, and you just can’t go wrong with a good wrap, right?

As if the veggie goodness wasn’t abundant enough…I got broccoli instead of fries (I have been “cheating” way too much lately…and it is way too hard for my to portion control fries)

Mmmmmmm.  Goodness.

After dinner Maggie and I made up for seeing a HORRIBLE movie (see my last post) by seeing a fantastic one!


I am totally into the whole Greek/Roman mythology aspect, and the action was EPIC!  I am a total special effects/sci-fi/horror movie nerd, so this movie was most certainly up my alley.

We also snuck in some NATURAL popcorn goodness, so we wouldn’t be tempted by the greasy kind at the theatre:

Tasty, huh??

Now….through the power of blog-o-vision…we fast forward to this morning, where those darn Chilean Raisins were calling my name for breakfast!

I’m not entirely sure what makes these different from normal raisins, but Chile…..I love you for producing these little bundles of raisin joy.

I made a quick and cold cereal bowl with the raisins, some Honey Puffins, Granola, and Almond Milk.


Grabbed this out the door, Mondays are cah-raaaaazy with Express Sculpt, KidFit, and Spin.  Made a quick smoothie for lunch with oneeeeeee main ingredient:

Blogger Boy Confession:

I randomly weighed myself today around 11:00am, and it was not a number I wanted to see.  As much confidence as I try to exude, it is amazing to me how I can feel 110% one second, and about 34% after I weigh myself.  I know…it is probably all mental….could be water weight……”muscle” weight….etc, etc.  I preach it to people all the time…but when it happens to me…I get so down on myself!

Do you have “down” days simply because of the stupid number on the scale?!?!  Why are we so obsessed with a number??  So frustrating.

Not gonna let it get me down.  Just had to vent.

OK………time to down some spinach….teach some classes, and get my Monday back under control.  😉  Mellow Mushroom pizza later…that can ONLY help my mood, right?!?!



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29 responses to “Catch Up!!!

  1. i know exactly what you mean, and therefore had to get rid of the scale. it kills me how much that number means to me, so i try and distance myself from it at all times!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I keep trying to let my body do what it needs to do and lose the rest of the weight before I hit my natural healthy weight. I eat well, I exercise, but my occasional splurges make it slow going. I have lost a ton of weight and just moved down another jean size, but the scale hasn’t budged! I’m trying not to get too frustrated by the number, but I know exactly what you mean by it getting you down unexpectedly like that!

    but you’re fab, so we’ll get through it 🙂

  3. I enjoyed Clash of the Titans as well! Did you watch it in 3D?

    The funny thing about weight is that it’s not consistent over different scales. My scale at home was giving me a happy weight that I feel comfortable in. Then I go to the doctor’s and the weight there is always 5-10 more! So I decided that since it’s not a consistent measurable outcome, I can feel free to ignore!

  4. clay

    Just from the perspective of another male, why do you want to be so thin? You’re skinny now and I will tell you one thing, women do NOT want to be bigger than the guys!

    • Ian

      I’m thinking it has to do with the mindset of healthfulness that originally resulted in weight loss. The same thing happened to me in that it is difficult to switch the mind over from weight loss to weight maintenance mode. You know?

      • YES! I was/am so used to losing weight…that for this past 6 months or so, “maintaining” weight is such an odd thing to mentally grasp. One step at a time though, eh?

    • hahahahahah Oh Clay….it’s not necessarily the women who I am worried about. If ya catch my drift. 😉

      I just want to be at 170…seems like such an odd number, but it’s always been in my head even when I was 300 + pounds.

      • clay

        Oh I see what you mean. Also, I have never lost such a great amount of weight, so gaining or losing ten pounds is no big deal for me. Looking at your perspective, I now understand that it doesn’t feel right to gain some now. Well anyways, make sure you weigh yourself at the same time each week or whenever you do it because weight does fluctuate 5 pounds or so at any given time. Plus, from your exercise classes, you could be gaining muscle which is a plus. I guess you can realize if your gaining muscle mass through your strength or gaining fat through your pant size lol. Keep up the good work though!

  5. Ian

    Same exact thing happened to me this morning!!! I also felt bloated ALL day. I think it is due to the massive amounts of food and water I consumed after my race yesterday. At least, I am hoping! I’m making a resolution to lower my excessive fruit intake and decrease my late night snackings to see if the bloating goes away. I’m thinking that is it.

  6. Meghan K.

    I agree with Ian, it’s a mental thing for me with the scales. After losing a great deal of weight, I tend to panic, i.e. think that the whole 67 lbs is going to come back overnight. Is that possible, no, but in my head it is and it terrifies me!!! So, now I only visit the scale once a month 🙂

  7. I haven’t weighed myself this year and it is for that exact reason. Haha.

  8. Jacquelyn

    Yep deffinately. I”m just going to weigh myself when my pants start fitting a little looser and no matter the number, as long as I fit into my clothes, I’m a happy camper. And it is just a number that says nothing about your personality too, just like age does too.

  9. Michelle

    The scale will make or break my mood for the entire day. I’m still below my low range so I’m feeling pretty good, but I am a little worried that I’m losing muscle or something since I haven’t seen a number that low since my freshman year of high school.

  10. I am weighed weekly by Jenny Craig. Because I am just now learning (at 28) what food does to my body, I have also been weighing myself in my bathroom in the morning. I have lost 14 pounds due to diet and exercise, but the scale helps motivate me to work hard to stick to my diet. I had one week at JC where I didn’t lose a thing (didn’t gain though luckily), and, although I was frustrated, it did help motivate me in the end.

    I totally understand the number game. I haven’t played it very well in the past. I think the only reason to look at the scale is motivation. Motivation to work harder to stick to what is right when you get the number you want, and motivation to get back on the horse when the number is wrong.

    Although, you can always just roll the dial back if it isn’t digital – just kidding!

  11. Ashlei

    Scales make or break my mood too. I hate them. But you know what…you’ve got some killer muscles and endurance and your health isn’t a risk anymore! It’s just a number…
    Enjoy Mellow! ❤

  12. Scales really make or break my mood. I used to weigh every day and even if it went up 1 pound I’d beat myself up. Looking back to that I was so thin, thinner than I am now, and I totally thought I was fat. If only I could go back in time and tell that girl she looked killer.

  13. Tyler, we all get down with numbers. I do it almost every day. It’s not healthy and it’s not good, but I am working through it little by little. Remember, no one is perfect and no one has to be perfect. You are a unique individual…and boy, with all of that working out you do AND healthy eating you have nothing to worry about! You are as fit as fit can be. Sure, maybe you aren’t a HUGE ASS body builder, but dude, you don’t need to be. Obviously you are great just the way you are because look…you have so many friends and followers and you have SO much fun in your life! I am jealous every time i read your posts. So many adventures (especially to Earth lucky duck!). Hang in there, Tyler…life is too short to look down upon yourself. 🙂

  14. I know exactly what you mean about the scale. I have been feeling great for the past few week. Eating intuitively, Moving in some form for at least 30 everyday and actually seeing results.and best of all I wasn’t stressing every morsel I ate or how many calories I burned.
    I purposely haven’t stepped on the scale during this time.
    This morning after a battle in my my head I decided to step on the scale and see what “progress” I made. FAIL. Not awful but not quite what I was expecting to see. However, my clothes are fitting great so I know that I am making changes. But I totally feel you that the scale really does impact my mood. I am trying my best to get past it but my initial reaction is always a mood drop.

    • It’s SO crazy…and I tell people on a daily basis at the gym NOT to be obsessed with the number…and that so many factors can affect daily weight (i.e. water…time of day…bloating…etc) but it’s like when it comes to me…staring down my OWN scale….it was a treacherous battle. lol

  15. Lu

    Thank goodness I’m not the only one that feels this way about numbers. I’m glad you put this out there for everyone to see. I’ve been wanting to see Clash of the Titans for a while now. I think I might just go asap.

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