Have you ever been in a movie so awful….so terrible….so mind-numbingly bad that you asked for a refund?!?!

Well, it happened last night.

“Hot Tub Time Machine” was hands down the worst movie I have ever had the mis-fortune of watching half of.  Now, I can horse laugh at “stupid” comedies with the best of them.  Hello, I adore “Dumb & Dumber” but this was just taken to an extreme.  Nudity, the f bomb every other word…just a plain awkward movie to even sit in!  It was raunchy, un-funny…and had no plot.

Now, I am a pretty laid back guy 98.4% of the time.  I can easily let things go…go with the flow, etc, etc.  This was just plain AWFUL!  Emily and I kept looking at each other throughout the movie commenting on how horrible it was, til I eventually got up and asked about the refund policy.  We now have refund tickets to see a, hopefully, not horrendous movie.


There, off of my soap box.

To counteract the negative movie non-sense…here are some positive Sunday vibes…Cracker Barrel style!

There was also some liquid energy consumed to fuel a full day of workouts:

I came home and went on a mini-OCD induced cleaning rampage post Barrel.  I think the coffee sparked me to be so productive.  I am actually moving in about 2 weeks, and have not even started to think about packing.  I still live with the rents (go ahead…chuckle now) so I don’t have *that* much stuff to move, but it will still be a pain!  I am so excited though!  Having my own house will be a complete and utter shock to my system, in a great way!

Cleaning worked up an appetite…and another Veggie Burger was high on the list of things to eat. 😉

Gardenburger with swiss, red pepper flakes, and spinach on what proved to be a deeeeeelicious new bread I picked up recently:

Lunch at the computer always proves to attract jealous on-lookers.

On the agenda today:

  • Spin Class @ 2:00pm (I am going old school and using one of my very first CD’s just for fun!)
  • Running Program @ 3:30pm (Fun times!!!  I love coaching people on how to *love* running)
  • Fun Times with Maggie!  (Indian food…shopping……more running?!!?  Who knows.)
  • Earth Feezy Trip (I am dangerously low on fruit/veggies/random items of joy)

Well….Sunday is calling…get out there, and get it crackin’!!!!

What is the WORST movie you have ever seen?



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17 responses to “Refund?!?!

  1. yeah, I am jealous of that sandwich. not even gonna front.
    thank youuu for the tip that it sucks…my boyfriend wants to see it and i think it looks terrible.

  2. Bad movies are the worst!

  3. Amy (Up and Running!)

    Worst Movie: Hostel. I left the movie theater very angry that day. What a pointless movie…then again– I’m not really a fan of horror movies to begin with. My fault for going!

  4. Michelle

    That’s really exciting you are getting your own place! I’m guessing you are going to be staying in the same area.

    The worst movie I have ever seen was Lost in Translation. I felt that there wasn’t any point to it!

  5. Mmmm Ezekiel Bread 🙂

  6. Ashlei

    I saw you at Earthfare!! Yayayay!! 😀 Send me the link to sign up for the 5K and Carrie (my roomie), and Matt and I will do it! 😀 Where are you moving to? Do you already have a place all picked out and stuff?

  7. Holy shit that sandwich looks amazing! lol Thanks for the warning about the movie, I can do stupid funny (Dude where’s my car? <3) , but not raunchy wannabe funny.

  8. Ugh I HATE movies that try too hard to get laughs. So annoying!!

  9. The worst movie I’ve ever seen in the theater anyway is Hot Fuzz. My husband was SO excited to see it that I couldn’t say no to going along and even he admitted that it just wasn’t that good. To this day I still bring it up, whenever he complains about going to see something I pick 😉 That’s awesome you got a refund though! We saw Date Night Friday night, HIGHLY recommend it!

  10. Lizz

    It’s been a while- but Vanilla Sky (Tom Cruise- probably 10 years ago) was terrible…I only spent a dollar to see it so I didn’t do the refund thing but I was annoyed.

    The Village was awesome but the ending was given away too soon which made me vow to never waste my money on M. Night anymore…

  11. Oh man, I have not heard good things about hot tub time machine from ANYONE! lol
    I’m so jealous you’re moving 😦 take me with you, I can’t live at home another second!

    The worst movie I ever saw was The Fat Albert movie. My boyfriend at the time thought it would be a good idea to see it. He was wrong.

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