Dessert Babies (Literally)

Currently at the Starbizzle blogging before Emily, Russel and I head to the movies to see “Hot Tub Time Machine”!  Lunch was calling my name at work, so I assembled some deliciousness I had prepped at home this morning:

Gardenburger on Arnold’s Thin….Pizza Booty, and some steamed veggies (the gym members loooooved this smell, trust me) 😉

Also snacked down on some berries and new organic cookies my mom had randomly bought me while at TJMaxx!  How sweet!

Saturday’s at the YMCA are boooooooooooring.  I can’t particularly blame people for not coming in when it is gorgeous outside….but the social beast I am is normally bored to tears on days like this.

Luckily before I knew it, it was quittin’ time…and off to meet Emily and Russel for dinner and a movie!

Gotta love the “paparazi” style shots.  😉  It’s the GaGa in me…what can I say.

Mellow Mushroom is always good times.

Emily and I split the Kosmic Karma

I love eating with a fellow blogger.  Makes my life seem more normal when I see her randomly snapping shots. 😉

Time for fuuuuuuuhhhhhhddddduh!

I got no feta + mozzarella on my half because that’s how I roll.

Spin Class + Work = HANGRY!

So gooooooood.

I am like the BIGGEST fan of their crust.  We quizzed the waiter, and he told us it is actually half wheat flour!  They also make everything from scratch, and ship it to the other locations.  I attempted to listen while munching on the crust.

Emily and I were craving dessert, but the only thing near was a small child.  Infant dessert anyone?!?!?!

The baby was spared.  THIS time.

That being said, we jetted over to Targizzle to find snacks (and a new chess set) to munch on.  Technically I do not plan to munch on the chess set, but my hunger has been pretty extreme lately, so I am leaving that thought open for interpretation, as the chess set may very well become a snack in some carb induced frenzy.

Check out my “cycling” shirt I got in Ash-Vegas!!!  Pretty groovy, huh?

Dark Chocolate.  Raisins.  JUMBO size?!?!?!  Thank you, chocolate fairy.

This shall become the perfect movie treat.

Welllllll…off for some raisin chewin’, hot tub time machine watchin’ good times with good friends.

What is your favorite movie treat?!  Do you sneak in a mother load of goodies, or do you break down and pay $29.99 for their “treats”?  I must admit, I do have a major weakness for greasy…salty…movie theatre popcorn.  I am resisting tonight, however.



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15 responses to “Dessert Babies (Literally)

  1. Yummy looking pizza 🙂

    When we go to the movies, I usually just have some popcorn. I don’t eat popcorn much anymore and since we almost never go to the theater (netflix rocks), I have to splurge on the buttery popcorn. Of course, later I have to eat massive amounts of veggies to counteract the sodium and calories. But it is SO dang good!

  2. I’m a sucker for movie theater popcorn!! I used to smuggle in my own snacks and drinks…but lately I’ve been giving in to a Large Diet Coke and Medium popcorn to split with my bf!

  3. I don’t snack at the movies anymore, but in my youth I was a huge HUGE fan of eating sour patch kids during a movie. I still love sour patch kids, just not as much 🙂

  4. MM crust is the best! I haven’t been so long though cuz the hubs doesn’t like their pizza. It’s a miracle we’re still married, really. 😉

    I love that picture of the fork staring down the bebe. hehehehe.

    The best movie treat I had was when my friend Courtney snuck in Cadbury Mini Eggs in July…she’d been saving them for a rainy day. What a great friend. Usually I love Jr. Mints though; it’s the only time I eat them and I definitely don’t buy them at the theatre!

    • Wow mini eggs at a movie is genius!!!

      Tonight Emily and I snacked down on our raisins, and a ton of Starbucks! Good times…but I was ready for a salty crunch!

  5. I always come to the movies prepared…with one of my BIG purses! Usually I’ll pop my own popcorn…love!

    I want to see that movie. I hope you liked it!

  6. Michelle

    I’m a huge fan of sneaking in my own food. Generally popcorn with some nooch or I recently had tuna salad and crackers which was equally excellent.

  7. I always sneak in my own snacks…usually granola bars and good-quality dark chocolate. So much better than Sour Patch Kids or Twizzlers 🙂

  8. DARK CHOCOLATE RAISINETTES ARE MY FREAKING FAVEEEE!! I always get raisinettes at the movie theater but they dont have the dark chocolate ones…lately i’ve been sneaking iin my own fruit and stuff instead so i don’t eat the crap and the x-tra large popcorn my boyfriend always insists on getting

  9. Ashlei

    I always sneak in my own snacks..of course! 🙂

    I got Matt to try the Veggie Booty and he loved it! Another convert 🙂 So jealous of your Mellow lovin’….glad you spared the baby though. And hopefully the chess set too.

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