Asheville Bound!

This blogger byo is heading to Asheville!  The last time I went was like a bazillion years ago, so it is like my first time.  Everyone I have talked to has said “omg you will looooove” it so I am stoked.  It is Earth Fare’s HQ after all…whats not to love!  Meeting Maggie in a bit to head that way so this one has to be short and sweet!  😉

Had an awesome, sweat-tacular spin class this morning.  The Friday morning peeps are really starting to pump me up!  We had 15 today, which made my soul happy.

Came back to the casa for a quick breakfast.  The one and only Emily had went to Knoxville recently, and returned with goodies for me!

A MILK frother (cannot waiiiiiit to use), some glorious Creme Brulee coffee, and the magnificent dried kiwi!  Oh Fresh Market, how I love thee.

I was really in the mood for a breafast sammie, so I got started by nuking one egg, and one egg substitute in the microwave.  Salt, Pepper, Pepper Flakes…and…


What goes in a liquid bowl of egg-goo….

Turns into a fluffy puff o-joy!

Wam, Bam, Thank ya M’aam!  Right, Emily?  😉

Put this puffed egg-ness on a new English Muffin I was trying out:

Add some natural reduced fat Provolone, and some fresh fruit….perfect breakfast.

I also brewed a cup (or eleven) of coffee to fuel my day trip!

Mmmmmmm.  Creme Brulee + SO Delicious Coconut Creamer = Happy.

Well, off to Asheville.  I will be snapping so many pictures I may be confused for a:




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16 responses to “Asheville Bound!

  1. Eat at the Laughing Seed (vegetarian) and Early Girl (yummy breakfast)!

  2. Have fun in Asheville! I will be in TN today 😉

  3. Have a safe trip! And every time I read your blog I craaave those freakin’ dried kiwi! Why is that stuff so good?
    Paparazzi=number one fave Gaga song (I know..blasphemous, but I said it so THERE!) Go for it, be Ashevilles biggest fan!!

  4. Michelle

    I love breakfast sandwiches!!! I think I need to start eating them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 😉

    Safe travels! Hope you stock up on dried kiwi hehe

  5. hope you have an awesome time! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  6. creme brule, oooh la la!
    Have fun today!!

  7. i think it’s fate that you posted that video. i’ve had “papparazzi” stuck in my head since kate goslin did that God-awful dance the other night on dancing with the stars. (shivers in a BAD way)!

    hope your trip is fun!

  8. Have FUN..class was awesome last night…loving the baby makers..hahahah

  9. Can’t wait to hear about your Ashe-vegas adventures!!!! Hope ya’ll had fun! 🙂

  10. mmm that eggy puff looks yummy! I don’t know why I stopped making those; must start ASAP.

    Have fun on your trip!

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