Rainy Day.

I guess I can live with a little rain today considering we have had yah-maaaazing weather for over a week.

Woke up to some rain so needed to put a spring in my step…breakfast style!  I wanted waffles!

Added a little protein boost by mixing some Chocolate Soy Yogurt with a scoop of my favorite Protein powder.  Made the perfect “filling” in between the waffle sammie.

Now *this* is what I call breakfast.

I covered the top with strawberries, and then the sides with my millet-nola.  😉

Holy yum.

After breakfast I worked on more Eight To The Eight’s stuff, and also worked on a killer routine for Total Body HIIT tonight!  Cannot wait!  We are going to be killllllling lower body.  I am borrowing/stealing alot of my P90X DVD moves.  Mason Chops anyone?!?!

Apparently the dogs take full advantage of the rainy weather to be more lazy than normal.

This time they were both under the blanket!  What a life.

And I love how they do not even move/pose/react when I go in for the super shots:

Models?!?!  I think so.

Before long, lunch was calling my name.  I was completely clueless on what I wanted.  I am severely low on fruits veggies, and need to make a produce stop asap.  That being said, I embraced my inner breakfast lover…and made some oatmeal!  It was the standard chia oat recipe…but this time I introduced a new friend that everyone MUST.  TRY.  NOW.  Like seriously…stop whatever you are doing, put on some approrpriate clothes (however you define that) and go GET this stuff.


I immediately though of my wittle Emily and her half and half love.  GIRL, you have got to so get some of this, and if you don’t…..I will for you!

So I made my oats…topped with some walnuts and dried berries, and then drenched the top in a bath of coconut lovin’:

Probably the equivalent of around 3 tbsp of the milk, or a mere 30 calories!!!!!!

Once stirred it became that much more wondermous:

That is some goodness right there.  Holy yummville.

Well, off to do my KidFit class (I came up with an awesome obstacle course for us to run!) and then back to the YMC-izzle for Total Body!  Gonna be a great night! 😉

I leave you with the disgustingness that is KFC’s option of a “low carb alternative”  I was absolutely appalled when I read about this yesterday.  I give you….the “Double Down”

Is there any wonder America eats like they do?!?!  They think things like this are “exciting” and “cute”.




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16 responses to “Rainy Day.

  1. i know, i saw that “sandwich” and almost gagged. gross!

    where did you get that coconut creamer?!?! i have the appropriate clothes on, but no idea where to go! 🙂

  2. Mmmm. Waffles!

    The “double down” depresses me beyond all reason. What are they THINKING!? SERIOUSLY. Urgh. I want to rant!

  3. savoringsarah

    Ummm picked up some of that creamer in the Hazelnut variety last week & DEMOLISHED it!! SOOOO sooooooo good!

    OMG seriously, the look on your Boxers face. PRICELESS!!!

    Also- KFC makes me sick. Physically! Ew ew gross.

  4. Now I’m going to have to pick up some of that creamer. I am a SO Delicious addict. Everything I get is so good.

    As for the sandwich: barf barf barf barf. This needs to be submitted to http://thisiswhyyourefat.com/. The real Colonel is rolling in his grave.

  5. That sandwich seems like a joke, yet it is totally real. How sad and disgusting.
    Yogurt wafflewich = epic.

  6. Your doggies are so cute…is the boxer a drooler?

    Also- that sandwich is sick. I think plenty of people will buy it and feel good about themselves. Ick.

  7. That breakfast looks so good!

  8. Hmmm, coconut milk creamer. I’ll have to consider that. I am just totally revamping my fridge lately, lol.

    And yeah, I saw that nasty kfc thing a few days ago and felt sick to my stomach. It looks so gross, greasy, heavy, and just….gross. Sad thing is, I may have had a different opinion before I changed some of my eating habits….

  9. I just found your blog!!! I LOOOOOVE it 🙂
    I saw that KFC grossness too…apparently there is also a vegan version floating around the web…who would want to veganize that?!

  10. Michelle

    I think I need to try that creamer stat.

    I saw the double down! What’s sad is that is how my guy roommate eats. He’s 5’10” and 130lbs. I’m guessing of all fat. It makes me sick (and I don’t get how he weighs almost the same as me!)

  11. OKAY soooo I have to try that creamer!!! 🙂 Did you get your Fresh Market treats from Kimmie?!?!

  12. Amy (Up and Running!)

    Oh man…don’t even get me started on KFC’s “Double Down” again!

  13. clay

    Good choice with the chocolate soy yogurt! That goes really well with PB puffins too or naners!

  14. yanna

    Your dogs are soooo cute…..KFC is always inventing new ways to keep America fat :(.

  15. Ashlei

    I just started watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and the kids can’t even recognize a tomato! Or a potato. And said they’d still eat the gross parts of the chicken if it’s in nugget form. Yuck! Can’t bring myself to watch the KFG commercial though.

    Totally loving your breakfasts 🙂 Like a much better McDonalds. And the coconut creamer in oatmeal. Genius! 😉

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