Picnic Antics.

When the weather is beautiful, I want to LIVE outside.  Which is why I jumped at the opportunity for a lunch picnic with Christie today after Express Spin (sweat FACTORY!)

Vegan Chocolate Coconut Scone (say that three times fast AND without drooling.) Strawberries, and some Siggi’s!

Do we even need to TALK about how good this was?!?!  Seriously.  If food is a drug which I sometimes believe, then I want to melt this down on a spoon…and inject it into my body on a thrice daily basis.  (A bit graphic, but you get the general gist)

Siggi’s was great as always!

Christie thought it was funny how my Yogurt varieties were broadening.  First Greek, now Icelandic…where to next?!?!  😉

It was the perfect picnic date!

Good food, good scenery.

After some lunch, we headed down to the Starbizzle, which I am fully keeping in business by purchases of Passion Fruit Tea, and Iced Coffees.

Sipping Starbucks while tanning AND laughing?!?!  Sounds pretty ballin’ to me.

Headed back to the YMC-izzle for a much needed shower! (Did I mention my water has been out at my house for 2 days?!?!  Yikes.)

Once work had begun, it was time to snack pre-dinner:

That is some pure, chocolate, chia, lovin.  (sorry for the blurriness.)

Other than that…the night was purely un-eventful.  Worked on more stuff for Eight To The Eight’s, and munched on this Taco Salad BEAST from Salsarita’s for dinner:

PS, I love their idea of “light cheese”  ahh well.

Friday is IN SIGHT bloggies, let’s hold it together.  😉



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20 responses to “Picnic Antics.

  1. Michelle

    What a perfect picnic! I’ve never had Icelandic yogurt, what does it taste like?

    I asked for light cheese at my favorite Mexican restaurant and my ENTIRE plate was covered in a layer of cheese of my enchiladas. The worst part? I at ALL of it 😉 hehe oh darn.

  2. Mmmm, I love that Greens+ chocolate chia energy bar. At first it scared me a bit, but then I tasted it and it was an instant love affair.

  3. Funny you mention “light cheese”: a few weeks back, I asked for my roasted veggie panini to be “light on the cheese”. apparently that means NO CHEESE. They apparently also didn’t know the meaning of the word “roasted” because the eggplant on the sandwich was definitely FRIED.

    Eh. Whatcha gonna do.

  4. Siggi’s is good but EXPENSIVE!

  5. I am thinking about consuming some animal products once again – mainly egg whites, yogurts, kefir, and some cheeses (goat, feta, and Laughing Cow..not much else…unless it’s Organic, local, or some awesome French cheese of the sort). How is that Siggis? What are your favorite yogurts?

  6. I fully understand wanting to inject food into your veins like a drug. You want that food high and you want it NOW man!!
    Siggis is good, and I like it thick (twss), but I think maybe it’s too thick (twss). Still delish though!!

  7. I’m totally with you on that scone loving…looks absolutely mouthwateringly delicious!!

  8. Ashlei

    The blooming trees (are they Dogwoods??) are gorgeous! I may have had a couple picnic dates with Matt the past 2 days!!!! 😀

  9. Lauraloo

    Love love LOVE your blogs! I found you through Emily and I love hers too! Pleeeeease keep doing what you’re doing…you guys give me so many good food ideas!! xx

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