All the cool kids get their groceries put in boxes these days, I mean come on now people.

I forgot my plastic bags this morning, so I just had the girl put my stuff in a big box they had lying around.  Reason #45676 that I love the Earth Feezy.

Did I mention they had my fay-voh-rite chocolate on sale?!?!

AND my favorite booty!

Score!  Lucky day or what?!  I also picked up a scone to have later for lunch.  This was a new one at Earth Fare, and all I had to see were two words to know I was instantly sold:

Coconut.  Chocolate.  I don’t even think I read the rest of the description before snatching one up (notice the empty spot up front….that one became MINE!)

Check out the loot:

Now it is time to rewind a bit, before grocery fun-time…I had 6:00am spin!  Great sweat sesh as always, and Kimmy was there which made it even better!  Check out this sunrise as I was leaving the gym:

Pretty groovy, huh?

We headed to our favorite Mermaid for some caffeine:

Now *this* is my idea of how to drink coffee.

Comfy chair = good times.

After the gym/grocery session I headed back to the casa to throw together some Triple Chocolate Oatmeal!  With two Spin classes to teach today plus a 3 mile run with Steph…it was carbo load time (which I will find any excuse for)

  • 1/2 Cup Oats
  • 1 Cup Chocolate Almond Milk
  • 1 Banana (nuked for 2 minutes prior to putting in)
  • 2 TBSP Chia Seeds
  • Sprinkling of Mocha Madness Trail Mix
  • Drizzling of Maranatha Dark Chocolate Almond Spread

Sooooooo good.  Hands down my favorite way to make oats!

Also, I didn’t get a chance to update last night…work was insane!  I got to try a new probable obsession, Passion Fruit Tea! (with jealous on-lookers in the background…the tea is MINE…back off.  😉 )

Snacked on some Chobani and Annie’s Puff goodness…

And had the classic Panera standby for dinner.  Fuji Chicken Apple Salad Sans Chicken.  😉  Anyone else craving salads/cold things like whoa now that is starting to warm up?!?!

Whole grain baguette goodness on the side:  (check out the millet/flax…looooove!)

So there is your quick recap for last night!  Sorry for the randomness of this post!  🙂

Also, we have finalized a logo for our city-wide weight loss program this summer:

Doesn’t it look fabulous?!?!?!  I am so excited.

The official blog for the program is now online, although with very limited information.  I am posting the application today…and we start promoting it this week!  I was in the paper today!  woot woot!  (I will try and track down an online version of it for you guys!)  I am so beyond stoked.

Check out the blog! (Again…more information to come soon)

Eight To The Eight’s

Have a good one bloggies!  It’s time to prep for Express Spin, and get ready for a looooooong day.  Bring it, Wednesday.  😉



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29 responses to “Paper….Plastic……..BOX!

  1. Natalie

    You are a ROCK STAR! I was really happy with the article! 🙂 Lets hope it gets lot of people fired up!

  2. I always crave colder foods this time of year. Ice cream please 🙂

  3. I’ve never thought to put chocolate milk in oats…that is genius. I’m carbing it up with some oats as I type this!!

    Happy hump day 🙂

  4. It warms my heart to see you being so green even when you forget your reusable bags! 🙂

  5. savoringsarah

    Haha, I always use empty boxes vs. bags! I am the queen of forcing everything into one trip, and loads of bags are NOT as efficient as a couple stacked boxes!

    Congrats on the PR for your challenge! Such a fun thing to get the pubic involved in 🙂

    • When I do bring my bags, and it seems like they will have to use another one…I will always manage to crush/condense everything to make it work. It is like some reality show puzzle building competition.

  6. i fear your obsession with Panera MIGHT be worse than my own (key word = MIGHT) 🙂 i mean, where else can you get such a consistently great meal? i am totally craving salads now…oh, except wait, it SNOWED last night! still a great salad would be perfection right now 🙂

    • Hmmm, you seem like my kinda gal, Heather….why don’t we live near eachother?!?! We would be BFF!

      Boo snow, I am doing a sunshine dance for you.

  7. What a cute logo!! Does panera not have the best bagettes ever or what?!?!

  8. Holy CRAP! 2 for $4 for the bootaayyyyyyyy? It’s almost $6 a bag here!!

    I love the logo, looks awesome!


  9. Ian

    Congrats on the program, and it does look fabulous! Love “the Mermaid,” and I may have to steal that nickname : P

  10. Ilene

    Do you prefer Veggie booty wayyy more than New York Pizza and other kinds? Any recommendations? I’m going to get me some soon!

    • Veggie >>>>>>>>>>>>> New York Pizza >>>>>>>>> Bermuda Onion >>>>> Barbecue >> White Cheddar >> Salt/Pepper.

      That’s just my opinion though, they are all glorious!

  11. I love your grocery store finds…look at all of that loot! I am jealoussss.

    • Do you have a local Earth Fare??? If not, we totally need to do a grocery store swap. I am in desperate need of some Trader Joe goodness, and the closest one is 4 hours away…FAIL!

  12. Scones how I love thee! Especially coconut chocolate chip, I want 🙂

  13. I could possibly eat those oats you made every single day for the rest of my life…I’ll start tomorrow! I also love all your food being put in a box- quite resourceful there!

  14. I made the blog! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  15. Ashlei

    Kroger has Endangered Species on sale for $1.39 for the big bars!! ❤

    Is the a Kombucha I spot?? 😉

    I miss you Tyler!!!!!

  16. Mel

    I just want to say THANK YOU for introducing me to dark chocolate almond butter. This is hands down the best food I have put in my mouth. Eating this is almost like cheating. :)) The bad thing is that I can’t find this at my local stores. I had to order this online. Oh well…thanks again!!! Love your blog BTW!!!

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