Ehh, Go Take a Hike.

When you have weather like this:

Hikes are mandatory.

In preperation for fun times outdoors with Maggie, I threw together a quick cold breakfast.  Tried out a new cereal plus a classic:

Does anyone else mix their cereal?!?! I can’t remember the last time I had an entire bowl of one brand/kind.  Sliced a nana, and poured the Almond Milk…good times.

Two thumbs up, all around!

As I was leaving this morning I had to deal with this.  I SWEAR this photo was completely un-touched by me, as in…she did this to herself.

She was looking at me like:

A) Yes, I am a dog in a blanket and propped up with a pillow.

B) Why do you care.

C) Go away now…….eye closing time needs to continue.

Tough life, eh?

With a snoozing boxer at home (and a snoozing pomeranian elsewhere in the house) it was time to meet Magz for a hiking adventure!

We were ready for action.

We were promised animals such as these:

There must be a steadily growing trend of Turtle Takers in my neck of the woods.  Sadly…the only “animals” we saw were stuffed and/or plastic.

(is anyone else humming the Jurassic Park Opening Theme….admit it…….you are.)

Regardless, the hike was yahhhhh-mazing.  It is a 6 mile trail….3 up, and 3 down.  The first 2.3 miles are easy breezy with a few rolling hills, and the last .7 is pure hill out-of-breath craziness.  Love!  Check out the scenery!

LIZARD!  Ok, I guess we did see animals.  I love how it is still keeping with the Jurassic Park theme which I know you are STILL humming.

We were stylin’ and profilin’, YO!

Before we knew it, we had reached the top!  There is a massive (and ancient) Fire Tower at the top of this hike that scares the ever-living-poo out of me.  Maggie thought she could get me up it, but alas…the Blogger Boy only made it to the second level before I tucked my tail, and reversed back to solid ground.

Maggie, however, was a total trooper…and took my camera ALL the way to the top!

I took her word for the view, as I watched from below.  😉

The pics turned out amazing, though!  So beautiful!

By this time, my hunger was ready for the picnic I had packed, so it was so long…Tower O’ Fire (and doom, in my case)

We headed back down the trail, and then it was lunch time!

Almond Butter and Jam sammies….Veggies (Orange Pepper, Asparagus, Broccoli) and Pine Nut Hummus….and BOOTY!  This time I decided to give the Veggie a break for a hot second, and went with New York Pizza!  Loveeeee.

Also sliced up a nice Starfruit for dessert!  Love these little guys.

On that note….it is time for a MUCH needed shower, and get ready for work tonight!

Have a great day bloggies, get out and enjoy that sunshine as much as you can!!!



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36 responses to “Ehh, Go Take a Hike.

  1. Mixing cereals is the way to go 😉

  2. What an awesome view! I’m glad you had a chance to get out and enjoy the amazing weather.

    You’re not the only one who mixes their cereal. That’s the only way I eat it nowadays.

  3. le sigh. i am so jealous you had such a gorgeous day to hike on! last time i tried to hike here in colorado there was a layer of ice covering the trail. i didn’t feel like breaking my leg or whatev, so i just have to look forward to the summer now…

    • Yea ice makes things not so fun, plus cold…boo!!!!

      Summer will be here soon, sister. Or just come to TN and have fun adventures with me now! 😀

  4. Matt

    I almost went up there this morning. You were right by my house. That would have been funny to run into you AGAIN! LOL. Definately heading there soon…it’s so pretty. 😀

  5. Oh my God. Could that dog be any cuter?? It’s like he thinks he’s human. I love it.

    What a fun hike with such awesome views!!

    I bought 2 small bags of veggie booty but still haven’t tried them!! Tomorrow might be the day…

  6. Michelle

    I HAVE to mix cereals. Millet, kamut, LIFE (my guilty little pleasure), all sorts of kinds.

    So jealous about the great weather the East Coast is having. So not fair. It’s been rainy and gloomy the past three weeks.

  7. Glynna

    What an awesome day! I’ve been to the top of the fire tower, and it’s great! Lucky girl!

  8. It’s still too cold to go hiking here ::::Cries:::: p.s. That hummus is the best!

  9. Wow, what a gorgeous hike!! I love how many fitness buddies you have!!

  10. OMG – I am going to come over there and steal your Boxer – she is JUST TOO PRECIOUS! 🙂

  11. I grew up mixing cereal! You start with your cheerios for a base that won’t get too soggy, then you add in a flake/crunch cereal for some texture and flavor. My dad was the ultimate – he always mixed three cereals together – that crazy guy.

    Yay puppy coziness. Some mornings I come out and find my dog all wrapped up in a blanket… but upon questioning it always turns out that my husband tucked him in before going to bed. My cat though, she crawls into anything – sometimes leaving her head to poke out, sometimes not – which can be quite a surprise when you pick up a blanket to move it and it meows at you!

  12. oh my gosh, that picture of Oli cracks me up! Maizey pulls stunts like that all the time. She loves pillows and totally pulls blankets over herself. when it’s time for bed, she’ll pull a blanket out of her crate, drag it to the couch, put her head on a pillow and wiggle under the blanket. Seriously, boxers are part human.

    I never would have gone up to the top of the tower either.

    Love your bondi band! 🙂

    • I think I am the only BOY who rocks the Bondi Band! It keeps the sweat off! ❤

      They are TOTALLY human! She cracks me up on a daily basis. Sam HATES being hot/under the covers, so it is nice to sleep with Oli…she is a cuddle bug. (a 40 pound HEATING pad cuddle bug.)

  13. Amy (Up and Running!)

    Loooove mixing cereal. Multigrain Cheerios and Kashi Go Lean are my mixers of choice.

    Starfruit! I havn’t had that since elementary school! So good.

  14. Sarah Goins

    there aren’t any bobcats there right now, they are waiting on the new ones to arrive. & yes, people steal their turtles. it is ridiculous!

  15. Ohhh it looks like you all had so much fun!! Hate I missed being about to enjoy the sunshine!!!

  16. Ashlei

    What a gorgeous hike! I want to go there!!

    And Pirates Booty is a must for lunch, right? 😉

  17. People who don’t mix their cereal are the weird ones! I love Puffins and TJ’s High Fiber Cereal. I think I have cereal every day 🙂

  18. I always, ALWAYS mix cereals together! That’s just how I did it every morning in high school, and haven’t changed my ways since–unless i’m really craving something simple…but that’s rare 🙂

    ANDD I kinda need to try pirate’s booty now! That flavor in particular is calling me!!!!

  19. Clisty

    Next time you all go hiking….PLEASE take me with you??!! 🙂

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