Shrimp Babies.

Well, I added my first MEAT based protein back into the ole diet, and yep…I do consider seafood “meat”.  I am also pregnant with multiple shrimp babies.

But first.

After lunch and meeting(s), I went to Wal*Mart to finally got my oil changed.  I may or may not have been 4,000 miles over my scheduled one.  I got reminded of Emily when I was shopping while my oil was being changed.  THIS is why America eats too much.  Trust me when I say the pic doesn’t even do it justice.

2. Pounds. Of. Chocolate.  It was on sale, too.  I think I gained a couple of pounds just looking at this beast!  Geez.

So after I recovered from the shock of seeing a bar of chocolate the size of a toddler, I left the Mart of Wall’s, and headed to the Bizzle for some caffeine replenishment before spin:

Also picked up a new Multi Vitamin to start trying.  I had bought Men’s One A Day…but they made me so sick to my stomach!  Not fun times.

It was Monday night, which meant a packed house at the YMCA, and an awesome Spin class!  INTENSE class with all fast songs/sprints/jumps and no climbs!  Cahraaaaazy good, it was a nice change.

After that sweat session, I headed down for some Thai with Melissa!

Went with a standard…the peanut, this time with SHRIMMMMMP.  Welcome back to the routine, babies.

I don’t know why…but I felt guilty eating these guys.  😦  Tasty though, and I could tell my body appreciated the new protein source!


I think there is a Tennessee state law that requires massive amounts of frozen dairy after spicy Thai food.

Embraced my inner child (as I most always do) and got COTTON CANDY, and cookie dough yogurt.  Heaveeeeeeen.

Melissa got some big concoction of glory.

Pardon the frightened expression. 😉

Well, another Monday closes.  Thankfully.  I am still in shock over that *2* pound chocolate rabbit I saw at Wal*Mart.  My question I leave you with:

What candy/dessert/food have you seen that just absolutely stops you in your tracks and makes you angry that it even exists?!?!



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37 responses to “Shrimp Babies.

  1. mmmmm lovely dinner. and the dessert…even better!! Gotta love that fro yo, it makes everything better, no?

    Have a good night!

  2. I also get sick to my stomach when I take vitamins! if you take them with a decent meal (your usual bowl of oats should be enough) or with a glass of water JUST before bed you’ll be okay. I do it at night because then I just lie down and I never feel sick that way.

  3. I think the king sized bar (of pretty much anything) are a tease. only because I could eat those bad boys in one sitting. lets face it, I have no self control. I am reminded of a time in high school when I ate an entire MONSTER hershey kiss…all during my lunch period. sugar high? hell yeah. I miss those days 😦

    ps your dinner looks amazing!


    • I am horrible at rationing any sort of bar/treat that is supposed to be multiple servings. It’s almost like “You SHOULD be eating this tiny portion…but go on…just tryyyy and eat the whole thing” 😉

  4. shrimp + fro-yo = LUUUUUUV 🙂 i don’t know if i have a food that does that to me; however, i AM headed to walmart in a few and i’m sure something will POP! out at me!

  5. oh tcby…so tasty!

    the dinner looks freak’n awesome too!

  6. Hi my name is Emily……we have hung out a few times, its just been awhile………..WHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY???? 🙂 Glad you atleast thought of me today when you saw the 2 pound, toddler-sized chocolate rabbit!! I can’t believe that dumb thing is on sale now too! Ridiculous!

  7. I LOVE TCBY. White Chocolate Mousse = WIN!

  8. Penny

    “What candy/dessert/food have you seen that just absolutely stops you in your tracks and makes you angry that it even exists?!?!”

    I find the deep fried candy bars at state fairs horribly atrocious. I have even ordered a piece of deep fried cheesecake simply out of morbid curiousity. It. was. disgusting.
    Fair food is practically a crime against nature. Ugh.

    “Mart of Walls.” Holy cow, I laughed at that. I will have to use that. 🙂

  9. Michelle

    I had a multivitamin that I swear CHEWED up my stomach! I thankfully switched to chewables (for adults) and now my stomach is being stitched back up again. Tell me how they work out for you.

    Hmmm and I would say I get sick looking at Hostess products. Ho Ho’s, Cupcakes and twinkies. So nasty! And the frozen burritos my roommate eats twice a day. Good thing he has a costco-sized pack 😉

    • Hmmm…the idea of a chewable adult vitamin intrigues me. I looked today but could only find the Flinstone. Trust me, I am not opposed to this…but I figured I needed more vitamins than a child….but darn Fred Flintstone and Dino, the colorful packaging had me at an almost-purchase state!


  11. Nancy

    The muskrat would kill if she heard you trash talkin’ that cute little chocolate bunny 😦 You know how she loves her sweets!

  12. I take GNC vitamins, which are so awesome. I take them at night before bed and have no sickness.

    I found the dark chocolate almond spread at the Mart of Walls tonight and can’t wait to demolish it tomorrow. So glad you posted it on your blog.

  13. I wouldn’t too much about the little shrimpies, imo having dairy is much worse!

  14. I am mature and have the chewable vitamins because I’m secretly 5 years old. No shame!

    I get a little irked when I see products with ridiculous claims that claim to be healthy when they are NOT. Nobody needs HFCS on a normal basis and most people can’t tell the difference.

  15. I saw a ginormous Reese’s egg. I’m not so sure it made me mad though, I was impressed. The thing is, it was so huge…I wonder how many people would eat it at 1-2 sittings. Now that is gross!

  16. Cotton candy ice cream…yum. I must admit, I’d definitely go for a 2 pound Godiva dark chocolate bunny, but that much faux confectioner’s sugar chocolate would make me gag. I want to throw up every time I see ads for a fast food burger that has more than one patty….we wonder why Americans have a weight problem when half of our sandwiches are quadruple deckers on white bread with ten slices of cheese and extra bacon.

  17. The bunny was only 2 pounds hollow, give him a break 😉
    I feel like I’ve seen giant hollow chocolate eggs that have candy inside them…that kind of grosses me out. And even though I used to love cadbury cream eggs, the mere thought of eating one now makes me cringe. They gross me out!!

  18. Those really big hamburgers at places like McDonalds, Hardees, etc.

    Why does anyone need to eat 3/4 pound of meat on a sandwich…topped with bacon and 3 slices of cheese..

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