Hello, Normality.

Is it just me, or was this Monday particularly hard to adjust back to?!?!  Darn you holiday weekends…why must you end so quickly.  *sigh*

It has been freakishly (and amazingly) warm the past week or so, therefore I went with a colder option for breakfast.  Cereal bowl time!

Annie’s never lets me down.  I started my bowl-o-joy with 1/2 cup of this cereal, and then diced up a nice big red pear, and a nana.  Topped the cereal with the fruits, then added a big dollop of Greek Yogurt, and some drizzle-tastic Almond Butter:

Once it was all mixed, the pretty factor had escaped.

Cold…crunchy…fruity….almond buttery.  Cha-chiiiiing!  Perfect fuel for a day full of meetings and working out!

Headed to the YMCA to teach Express Sculpt.  It’s a 30 minute weight class where anything goes.  Last week we focused ALL on lower body, so this week…it was upper body time!

  • Chest Press with Bar + Resistance Band Wrapped Underneath
  • Bicep Curls with Bar (Various Counts/Holds/Pulses)
  • Abs (V-Crunches, Around The World Crunches, Scissors)
  • Shoulder Press/Squeeze Combos, Lateral Raises (with 10 second holds as we rose to parallel), No-Weight Arm Circles (100 one direction, 100 the other…OUCH!)
  • Tricep Kick-Back’s, Skull Crushers, Windshield Wipers

Good times!  I am already feelin’ the burn!

Right after class I headed to Panera for a meeting about “8 To The 8’s” which is the Biggest Loser style program our city is hosting, and I get to help train!  So stoked.  Lunch was the standard half veggie sammie, and fuji apple salad:

YUM!  Perfect meal on this abnormally (but amazing) hot day in Tennessee!

One meeting down…one more to go.  Then back to the YMCA to teach Spin at 5:30 (new and hardcore CD I am trying out…NO climbs…it’s all about speed tonight…cannot wait to see what everyone thinks!)  We are also getting our Yoga on, and then practicing for the Lady GaGa Telephone dance!!!  Rah, rah, ooh la laaaaaa!!!!  😉

Random cuteness of the day:

Whats on everyones Monday agenda?



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19 responses to “Hello, Normality.

  1. oh, i am SO STOKED about feelin’ the burn in my workout tonight!!! you know what you should do? write me an ab workout 🙂 i know what to do, but don’t have the motivation to do my own plan!

    and seriously, the weeks after a holiday are sooooooo slooooooooow. i can’t wait to hightail it outta here!

  2. I wish I could take your classes! I would probably die, but it would be a good death!

    My plan is to get back to working out after work. I need to let out some steam after dealing with work today!

  3. Michelle

    Ditto what Jessica said about taking your classes! It would make them so much more fun since I feel like I kinda feel like I personally know you through your blog.

    The cereal looks so good. I’m planning on buying a new brand of cereal tomorrow. Any recommendations?

    • omg, I would love to have a whole class full of bloggies!!! Why can’t yall be semi near TN?!?!?! 😉

      Hmmmm…I have NEVER gotten a bad “Annie’s” cereal…they are all great! Also, anything Kashi is also an instant winner in my book.

  4. Ian

    You’re really learning it??? Jealous.

  5. No climbs??? I live for heavy climbs!

  6. Cereal is definitely my favorite breakfast all year round, but it’s especially good on a hot day! I can’t believe I’ve never seen that flavor, though!! Hope you’re having a great Monday!

  7. Yes, this Monday went by soooo slow! I had spring break last week and now I am back to school. Ugh. Oh well, only 7 weeks and 4 days left! Excitement!

    It’s so hard for me to try and let this back heal…I miss the gym soooo much! Tomorrow I am going to pilates, which will be nice…but I am chomping at the bit to get some cardio in. I guess that will have to wait…grrr.

    • Good things come to those who wait, sister. TRUST me. Do not over do it! I know the crazed feeling from no cardio, but it will be worth it in the end to let the back heal!

  8. Haha, so cute! 🙂 The holiday weekends really ARE too short – I was just getting settled into this great weather!

    You have a really pretty bowl of oats there. I think it’s pretty even after mixing because I know it tastes so gosh darned good.

    Have a great day!

    • I’m tellin’ ya….the fruit/cereal/almond butter/greek yogurt random bowls of joy are one of my favorite meals. I swear I could eat them all day. (heck, sometimes do!)

  9. I love the title of this post: I’m ready for my life of habit. A weekend full of too much excitement does crazy things to my body!

    You have the best pup pics in blog land BTW!

    • Awww, thanks!!! They pose quite often. Yea, as much as I like celebrations and holidays….it really throws my body off both schedule wise, and most certainly food wise! Eek!

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